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Arts-and-Entertainment About Bowers & Wilkins Founded by John Bower in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins is a pioneer British brand in high-end home theater speakers market. Their product and quality is considered to be the best in the market. This is often pronounced as simply B&W. Their flagship product includes Prestige, Nautilus speaker, 800 series, custom theater 700, 600 Series 3, XT Series etc. Most of the classical music label uses 800 series to monitor their recordings. Other than home theater speakers. B&W have vast range of Floor standing speakers, Bookshelf speakers, Subwoofer with satellite and in wall, in ceiling or outdoor speakers. Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater Speakers Bowers & Wilkins home theater system is more than just watching a nice TV. The full movie experience can only be enjoyed with multiple speaker setups to experience the audio output from all audio channels. Like an excellent home theater system Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater Speakers generally consist of five or more speakers known as 5.1 speaker system which includes 5 satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Other option is 7.1 speaker systems which includes 7 satellite speakers with one central subwoofer. The satellite speakers are positions all round the room to create full theater like experience. Sub woofer places on the ground to feel the low frequency notes. Normally Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater Speakers can be bought in a set called home theater in a box or HTiB. This HTiB sets consists of all the speakers needed to create theater like experience. These Htib systems are without amplification or control unit but all the speakers in Htib are pre matched to produced best sound and comes in single box which also saves on buying individual speakers. Positioning of Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater Speakers Since response of frequency and audio signals are deeply effected by their position. So in home theater system all the speakers must be positions at designated position. Floor-standing speakers Floor-standing home theater speakers create more lively sound with positioning on above the ground and everybody is well accepts their positioning these are called tower speakers. Here comes the role of speaker’s stands. Tower speakers are costlier than other bookshelf speakers but since home theater system needs them and their wide range of frequency with deep bass give you more lively sound per watt of amplifier power. In fact it looks very passionate to sit between the middle like in theaters any view the movies when sound comes to you from all around the corners. Pricing of Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater Speakers Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater Speakers impressive range is available in almost every size and price category. You can find the lowest price Bowers & Wilkins Home Theater 5.1 Speakers which includes left front, left surround, right front, right surround, center front and one sub woofer to create theater like sound systems can be bought spending couple of 100’s bucks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: