CBA preseason start September 30th Xinjiang division four in Liaoning and Guangdong-sorpack

CBA preseason start September 30th Guangdong Xinjiang four division in Liaoning last pre-season he staged duel sports news September 7th Xinjiang Liaoning Tencent Basketball Association official website issued a notice today, CBA announced the pre-season in September 2016 30 to October 22nd, were divided into Ursula division, Binxian County division, Danyang division, Huairen division, Fengcheng division and Mianyang division. The 19 teams will be divided into 6 major areas, catch on the athletic field, including Guangdong, Beijing, Liaoning, Xinjiang and the four big powers team, is divided into different areas. It is necessary to point out that due to the confrontation in the May 28th Sino US competition with rival gang fights, Shandong team canceled the annual preseason qualification, which is why only 19 teams participate in the cause of the preseason. According to the arrangement of the Basketball Association Basketball Association official website screenshots, September 30th to October 2nd, the first open Ursula division game, teams of Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and Beikong; on October 7th to 9, the Binxian County division game in the national day, Guangdong, Jilin, teams of Tianjin and Bayi; October 7th – to 9, Danyang division the game will also be at the same time, teams to Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, guangsha. October 14th to 16, Huairen division game, teams of Beijing, Shanxi, and Jilin tongxi. October 14th to 16, the Fengcheng division game at the same time, Liaoning, Fujian and Qingdao Guangsha, participate in the competition; on October 20th to 22, in the last section of the preseason division in Mianyang, Sichuan, Shenzhen, and Foshan will be caught fighting. It is worth mentioning that the preseason and no collision between the tyrannical, Xinjiang team will participate in Wusu division game, Guangdong team in Binxian County division game, the Beijing team in Huairen division game, Liaoning team in Fengcheng division game, as last season’s defending champion Sichuan team, will participate in the Mianyang division game. (Yang Weili)相关的主题文章: