Changsha, a man in the middle of the 7 knife was a huge tumor to save a life (video) rainlendar

Changsha a man fighting knife was even in the 7 in large tumors to save a life Changsha original title: even in the 7 men fighting belly knife, when the stomach tumor on the verge of death or destruction to save life! The 30 year old Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) quarrel fights with people, resulting in the chest and abdomen even 7 knives, including 3 knife penetrating abdominal cavity, was sent to the emergency Changsha central hospital emergency surgery, intraoperative findings, Mr. Wang has a huge intra-abdominal tumor, and the three knife stabbed in the huge tumor. Mr. Wang makes a lucky escape. "In October 31st more than 1 in the morning of admission, admission, chest and abdomen 7 stab wounds, including abdominal three: a knife in the knife edge is located on the right side of the abdomen, beneath the colon and small intestine; a knife edge is located in the left upper quadrant, below is mainly spleen; a knife located below the xiphoid, knife mouth beneath the main stomach colon and liver." According to the deputy director of the Department of general surgery Changsha central hospital ward 9 physician Lei Zhisheng introduction, the patient’s blood pressure and pulse were relatively stable, although the abdomen even 3 knife, but the symptoms are not severe abdominal pain. He was found in the exploration, the abdominal cavity covers a huge mass, all the organs are mass coverage, mass yellow, soft, encapsulated, down to the liver, down to the pelvic masses of 3, surface damage, and abdominal wall 3 stab wounds coincide, abdominal organs for the mass block had suffered no damage. The surgical team of the tumor was completely removed after the discovery: the size of the mass of about 40cm×, 60cm, weight of 5kg, postoperative pathological biopsy results for lipoma, such a huge lipoma, it is rare. "Lipoma is a benign tumor composed of mature adipose cells, derived from mesenchymal tissue; mostly in fat layer, can be on any part of the body disease, with limbs and trunk to see, followed by the retroperitoneal and gastrointestinal wall etc.." Dr. Lei Zhisheng said, abdominal lipoma is rare, can occur in the gastrointestinal tract, omentum, mesentery and appendix membrane, Mr. Wang lipoma in the abdominal cavity, is a rare occurrence. The medical literature reported that intraperitoneal lipoma maximum of only 30cm-40cm, and in this case of lipoma reaches 40cm-60cm, which occupies the entire abdominal cavity is extremely rare. The doctor asked that Mr. Wang had been no obvious symptoms, the lipoma grew slowly, until the knife stabbed, may not have seen. It is reported that lipoma traditional treatment is surgical excision of the lipoma, located in the deep without capsule, is to spread around the pseudopodium invasion, malignancy, should be promptly removed. Mr. Wang is a huge abdominal cavity lipoma, after the complete removal of the surgery, still need to observe regularly, because there is the possibility of recurrence. (the women today Phoenix Network reporter Selena Li correspondent: Huang Shao bin Tang Xue) recommended Video: Murder original woman hired mistress body be the killer stabbed 7 knife相关的主题文章: