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60 years China space: Spacecraft six areas can make the original title: 60 years China space: Spacecraft six fields can be made in October 8, 1956, the establishment of the first Chinese rocket and missile research institutions, China’s aerospace industry to the stage of history. After 60 years of development, our country has achieved fruitful results in the Rockets, satellites, spacecraft, lunar exploration engineering, Hangzhou – try to match the sky high Tianren in October 8th 60 years ago, the first China rocket and missile research institutions – the Fifth Research Institute of Ministry of Defense announced the formal establishment of the aerospace industry in Chinese. Looking back 60 years of space China, China has formed a manned space, deep space exploration and navigation of spacecraft, earth observation, communications, space science and technology test in 6 major areas of business development, has many great benefits. 1 rocket lineup neatly equipped with the escape tower of the long march F carrier rocket in April 24, 1970, the successful launch of Dongfanghong 1 satellite, China has become the world’s fifth homemade rocket launch of homemade satellites in the country. For decades, China’s Long March rockets from normal temperature to low temperature, promote the advance from series to binding, from "kill a star" to "multi satellite, the satellite launch to launch a manned spacecraft, space probe, now has the capability to launch spacecraft. China’s existing Long March 2, No. 3, No. 4 mature sub carrier rocket. The long march rocket series No. 2 is mainly used for the launch of low orbit spacecraft. The Long March 2 F launch vehicle near earth orbit carrying capacity of 8.1 tons, is China’s first manned launch vehicle, increased fault detection and escape system, the safety of astronauts up to 99.7%. The long march rocket series No. 3 is mainly used for high orbit spacecraft launch. The Long March 3 B launch vehicle can transfer the payload of 5.5 tons into geosynchronous transfer orbit, which is the main rocket for launching geostationary satellite at home and abroad. The long march rocket series No. 4 is mainly used for emitter orbit spacecraft. Since 2015, China began to launch a new generation of "Long March" rockets. September 20, 2015, China’s Long March 6, a new generation of small liquid rocket into the orbit of the 20 satellites. September 25, 2015, China’s Long March 11 launch vehicle will be sent into orbit of the 4 small satellites. It is 4 small solid launch vehicle in China new development, as a "solid rocket Long March" family first and only the realization of China’s rocket launch over 24 hours fast, can meet the emergency needs of micro satellite launch. June 25, 2016, China’s new generation of medium range rocket Long March 7 successful shooting. It has the advantages of high carrying capacity, environmental protection, low price and reusable. 2 satellite shine space Dongfanghong No. 1 satellite orbit diagram in the field of artificial earth satellite, China alone development, launch and application test satellites, scientific satellites and satellite application 3 satellites, have reached the international advanced level. In the test satellite, the launch of the practice in 2012 9 A satellite, the practice of B satellite is the first batch of new civilian technology test satellite series. In 2015, China launched a pass相关的主题文章: