Chinese Orangemen a new list released veteran Zheng Zhi – in the defeat of the new-diamondprox

Chinese Orangemen a new list released veteran Zheng Zhi – Beijing defeat in Beijing. On 22 September, (reporter Wang Xi) from the Chinese Orangemen home court game against Syria in two weeks time, Chinese Football Association announced 22 new national team list of 24 National People’s congress. This list includes Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Huang Bowen, Li Xuepeng, Gao Lin, Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Cai Huikang, Yan Junling, Hao Junmin, Zhao Mingjian, Yang Xu, Yang Zhi, Zhang Xizhe, Zhang Chengdong, Wu Xi, Zhang Xiaobin, Jiang Zhipeng, Jiang Ning, Gu Chao, Dewey, Sun Ke, Ren hang, Zhang Yuning. Guangzhou Hengda once again become a large transport, a total of 5 people were selected in this list, Shanghai, Hong Kong to contribute to the people of, Beijing Guoan, Shandong Luneng, Jiangsu Suning, Hebei Huaxia happiness each has been selected. The opener against South Korea in general, the former Asian footballer, veteran Zheng Zhi’s election, this is the biggest change in the list. Not selected and Beijing’s Yu Dabao, Tianjin TEDA, Hebei Huaxia happiness barbarian days Haifeng Ding. In addition, in Iran and in Guangzhou Hengda played injured goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, the long-term injured truce, his replacement is the Hong Kong Shanghai goalkeeper Yan Junling. The "new", national football coach Gao Hongbo called up the Shandong Luneng midfielder Yang Xu, to strengthen the attack intention. But Yang Xu is currently at the club playing time is extremely limited, he did not know whether can achieve the requirements; veteran Dewey is expected to make up for the selected defense’s relatively weak, his experience is the greatest wealth Chinese team; Beijing Guoan Zhang Chengdong in return, this was also his nomination, will improve the existing country attack system. October 6th, after two games a flat and negative Chinese team will play against Syria in Xi’an, in the face of the weakest team opponents, the Chinese team can not afford to lose. (end)相关的主题文章: