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[color] arrangement of three passenger network 16281st] [summary of recommended divination operator arrangement forecast three 2016281: 372 killed 8 arranged in three confidence bile 2016281 code recommended by experts: Busuanzi 16280 lottery results: 802 and 10, and tail 0, span 8, small size, shape analysis group 16281st: 6 the period and the value is 10, this period value and the value was up 12, attention span: the period span of 8, nearly 7 of the span is -9-8-5-4-1-6-8, this period value 25 size: the period from small, the optimistic about the small size of parity: on stage out of all my curiosity, this period see the code, 2 odd 100: on stage out of even number 8, from the analysis of the trend, 100 to trumpet the code trend, optimistic about the 123 thousand and 490: on stage out of even number 0, from the analysis of the trend, the ten have to A large code trend, promising 25679: on the issue of even number 2, from the analysis of the trend, a bit small to a code trend, promising 01236 confidence Danma: 372453192 kill number: 8 [peony] arrangement forecast three 2016281: a two Danma 12 arrangement of three lottery review: 16280 802, the size is small, even, and a value of 10, span 8202 Road, analysis, parity: the previous period out of the whole pair, the even number strong attack, the odd number is expected to focus back size analysis: on a out of the small, the small number accounted for much, this period attention trumpet the number of hope analysis: on a large 012 out of the 202 Road, 012 road than 1:0:2, 0 yards out qualitative analysis on this issue: out of the mass, the number and performance Steady, this period attention to play the prime Danma recommendation: 100: 360: 49: 12相关的主题文章: