Create a guest Deng Ya Ping help dream players actually put on maternity dress noiseware

"Off the record" Deng Ya Ping dream to help athletes actually wear a maternity dress to Deng Ya Ping Long Ruqian women smart shoes Sina entertainment news co sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Jiangxi provincial government, the Jiangxi Provincial Communist Youth League, League City People’s Government hosted the second session of China youth APP competition (third "Youth" Chinese Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition APP special race) is hot in. The contest will be held September 14th, every Wednesday night at 9:15, at the Jiangxi satellite TV shock. The contest by Sheng Xitai, Deng Ya Ping, Wang Lifen [micro-blog] as the venture capital industry in large coffee sits judges, elected by various national master gathered in the national youth entrepreneurship base, comprehensive display of self ignite entrepreneurial dreams. The contest received a total of more than 6 thousand national APP projects, of which 24 projects into the television qualifying by Jiangxi TV recording 5 TV show "off the record" hero, and decide the second session of the Chinese youth APP application class champion. The first phase will be aired on September 14th. The strength of the judges sits a pioneering stage one of the judges Deng Ya Ping Yu Minhong, this year into the business and sports industry cooperation to create a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. She served as Deputy Secretary General of the people’s daily, from the sports industry successfully entered the business community, Deng Ya Ping joined the creation of a guest hero will be about entrepreneurial experience to share the secret of success. As Hong Thai fund founder, also served as vice president, China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship investment alliance vice director of the National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship alliance Sheng Xitai sits some young entrepreneurs, while sharing entrepreneurial experience, allowing players to benefit. There is literature doctor of the Peking University, the famous CCTV host and producer Wang Lifen, he founded the Beijing u-view meter network technology Co. Ltd. and APP, enter the shared economic field from the media industry to provide suggestions for her young entrepreneurial path with experience. As the people, the judges of the young people’s creativity, wisdom, achievements expressed support and affirmation, the lack of which may exist in the risk of recommendations and improvements. "Off the record" is a hero who belongs to the business arena symposium, industry, I was rookie after Xianshengduoren strength, limit test, outdoor business who is the champion of a studio link of outdoor environment of superimposed layers of the test step by step through the platform promotion, exhibition and training, the professional judges under the guidance of yourself the venture is more perfect, get the support of huge bonuses and entrepreneurship, more chances to get the favor of investors. Young people The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong young heroes, the first "test", two at the undergraduate and early entrepreneurs to join the app 90, has demonstrated the part-time college students app project "Independence Day" and similar circle of friends private space app project "million years". What would the judges say about young people? Earlier than most of their peers in the campus earned first pot of gold they are and how to plan for the future? Young people in the "creation of the heroes will be" on the stage to show how unique style? In this issue, there is an entrepreneur dressed in maternity dress appearance, aroused the curiosity of the audience,相关的主题文章: