Cultural China Global Chinese Concert held in Macao

The "cultural Chinese? Global Chinese concert held – Beijing China News Agency, Macao, September 24 in Macao (reporter Longtu) 2016" cultural China? Global Chinese concert in Macao on 24 university auditorium, hundreds of well-known domestic and overseas Chinese musicians performed together, to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China and memorial the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. The scene All seats are occupied. District of Macao deputy director of the government, society and culture secretary Tan Junrong, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Macao Tan Tianxing, deputy director of the Liaison Office of Chen Sixi, the overseas Chinese Affairs Publicity Secretary Xu Yuming, in the Macao Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Department of Integrated Services Director Zhang Jian, director of the Cultural Bureau of Macao Wu Weiming, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Zhongshan Municipal Committee, Tang Ying the University of Macao, the chairman of the Council of Lin Jincheng, Macao returned overseas Chinese Federation President Liu Yiliang and the guests attended the ceremony. Tan Junrong said in his speech before the show: "Macao as a Chinese and Western cultures, music fountain colorful, have a unique style of art development. Global Chinese concerts to Xian Xinghai’s hometown of Macao, which is the glory of the Macao SAR, but also a major event in the history of local music." Deputy director of the State Council Office Tan Tianxing pointed out in his speech, the global Chinese concert together at home and abroad outstanding Chinese classical musicians, music language about Chinese stories and China story, advocating peace and harmony of the music festival. Tan Tianxing said: "the global Chinese music and become attached to Macao for a long time, the Macao Orchestra in two previous concerts. Department of social culture of Macao SAR government invitation, we break convention, arrange concerts in Beijing outside the city to increase performance? First came to Macao, and the Macao people from all walks of life have a joyous gathering to celebrate the National Day." The concert as commanded by the world famous conductor, director of the National Theatre opera, Macao Philharmonic music director Lv Jia, the famous singer Yan Weiwen, Wang Xiufen, Yuan Ming attended the show. The artist who co interpretation of the sun "," Beaming with Joy "Romeo and Juliet" Fantasy Overture, opera "the Peony Pavilion" national orchestral excerpts, "Dvorak E," Yanhuang style in ninth and the fourth movement of the symphony symphonic epic "our sun Zhongshan" overture. In the 1.5 hour show, climax, brilliant, attracted the audience’s applause from time to time, by the audience’s praise. Macao Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Mr. Wang told reporters: "can enjoy a high level of performance in Macao before the national day, very rare, very exciting. During the performance, I was moved by the performances of the top Chinese musicians and proud of the prosperity of the motherland." At the same time, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office elaborate "Sun Zhongshan and Chinese" photo exhibition held simultaneously at the University of Macao. (end)相关的主题文章: