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Dependency syndrome? NO! No Messi Barcelona only 1 Games in the Soviet Union less gun – Sohu sports "daily sports newspaper": Messi is expected to catch up with this weekend on the of the   Messi this weekend can appear in the game? The news came from Barcelona is pain Argentina pubic has decreased significantly, and the therapist Messi to him to attend this weekend’s game against Alves is optimistic, but the competition is still uncertain. Barcelona doctor group will make a final judgment on this Thursday, if Messi can normally complete the training without any discomfort, then he will get a license if the pain will debut, Messi will not play. Due to the pubic recovery it takes time, and very easy to relapse, Messi will participate in the beginning of the October national team now is still unknown. Argentina doctor group in Santander will be competitive, is the last game before the international match day came to Barcelona to check Messi’s body started the day before, and in consultation with the Barcelona doctor group, depending on the specific circumstances and whether Mei Xizhao will join the national team. However, Barcelona are ready to lose Messi for the time being. In fact, since the summer of 2014 Lewis Enrique Basa took more than two years Limeixi has missed 16 games, Basa’s record of 13 wins 2 flat 1 negative, the only defeat in the League last season at Seville, Basa 1 to 2 defeat, winning percentage is up to 81.25%. The abortion rate was only 6% that seems to have completely cured Messi dependence. From Guardiola’s late start, Barcelona once caught very serious Messi dependence, once the Argentine is absent or poor state, the team offensive efficiency will be greatly reduced, but in the continuous introduction of Neymar and Suarez, Barcelona began to bid farewell to Messi addiction. Last season, the national Derby Barcelona in the first leg, 4 to 0 victory over Bernabeu, Messi was sitting on the bench, Lewis Enrique, Suarez Sergi and Neymar Roberto – the first Trident, excellent performance. This summer, Barcelona will continue to expand the lineup, the Spanish international Paco replaced Munir, the former Valencia striker can play on the left side can play in the middle, with Neymar and Suarez good. But the "daily sports newspaper" Neymar also pointed out that this period of continuous fighting, first on behalf of the Brazil Olympic team to play games, then the World Cup qualifiers, is on vacation, leaving Barcelona has been more than 100 days, if Lewis Enrique believes the Brazilian also need to have a rest, then you can only let the guest to Tulane winger, only fortunately Alves strength is not strong, Barcelona is also home court battle, the problem should not take. () ()相关的主题文章: