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Dinner secret! What did the big brothers eat? The Internet and whitefish early for this Zisun may wear hedge. November 16th evening, the third session of the world Internet Conference · Wuzhen summit welcome dinner. The theme of the dinner is the same as the second, is still the bridge". Under the bridge altogether before the banquet dinner, the reporter entered the dinner is located in Wuzhen Resort Hotel dragon hall water pillow. Four bamboo bridge spans in laying the main table mirror on the ground like water. Only a few small wooden bridge, interspersed with a good style of Jiangnan Water village. The back of the table is also arranged very delicate. In addition to the bridge, each table is provided with a hand lanterns, lanterns under the shade, a place with 4 color small dumpling dishes of food containers, heralding a feast. Ma Tau wall, Guanyin pocket, open design water building shape menu, the eye dish unexpectedly Tongxiang people often banquet dishes: chicken soup, fish and fresh bamboo shoots Jiangnan double, chestnut beef, crab meat fried bean bags, cooking Glutinous Rice Balls…… "Home, of course, is to eat home cooking!" Banquet chef Wu Xinhua said, such as the chestnut beef, "is not a bit like our Jiangnan Braised pork in brown sauce?" Home Dishes is not common although based on local, firing in a domestic way, but behind the cost of time is not simple. In the 5 dish, there is a pumpkin. The name of chastity, take a closer look at the food is not easy. Originally, the pumpkin was carved into a delicate bridge! In order to study this dish, Wu Xinhua did not spend less time, first of all, the selection of ingredients, after several screening, and ultimately spent pumpkin. The following is carved, hollow or solid, do, or semi solid? Determine the best three-dimensional look. Besides a pair of fresh fish, but for walnut mandarin fish rolls with shrimp. The walnut mandarin fish volume is the prototype of our southern people often eat pine nuts Mandarin fish. But when it came to the dinner party. Wu Xinhua, put the fish out, rushed to blood, steamed in the refrigerator, then into the mud. There are walnut, to clothing, baking, grinding, a process that has not said, reporters have heard faint. In short, light walnut mandarin fish more than 5 volumes, 4 chefs from 7 p.m. to second day in the morning. On the table of Jiangnan people, eating is often given a very good meaning. For example, Glutinous Rice Balls meaning successfully, meaning a jujube…… On the night of the dinner, the 5 dish was meaning for the five Naxiang, meaning blessing blessing health crab, fresh fish and double was meaning for Xiongyou courtesy…… According to the Wuzhen tourism Limited by Share Ltd consultant Shao Yun introduced, Wuzhen feast and a layer of beautiful meaning – "order", the Internet to link the global village to link more closely, innovation driven, the benefit of mankind, let us work together to build a community of destiny in cyberspace.相关的主题文章: