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[Djokovic] Hawkeye changed? Perhaps his routine than Federer before the fight network deep Wawrinka residual abuse small German first in the world in color buzz (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading) the Jerf last saw Djokovic still in last year’s Shanghai Masters champion of the press conference, when Djokovic will be the first in high and vigorous spirits. People in the world firmly in their own hands rule name. At that time, he was so mad that he was asked, "if you were Novak’s opponent, how would you beat him?" In the face of such problems Djokovic said: "this is really a good question, but I’m sorry, I No comment." But a year later, although Djokovic sat the throne of the world, but Murray has been strong in the imminent. At the French Grand Slam implementation, Djokovic seems to be caught in a vicious circle "". Now to return to Shanghai, the small German still insisted that the world has not been the first ranking and more competition for the title, the small German really changed? He is late for training day conference that "Chinese son yesterday afternoon at the No. five venues even stand on the All seats are occupied., there is no place. That’s right, Shanghai’s first training begins. Although yesterday was the Shanghai masters in the first day of the official game, but Djokovic and Wawrinka training hot degree does not lose the past. Although the small German training time at about 2 in the afternoon, but in the past, a large number of small German fans have been occupied on both sides of the seat. Two point one, after training in the Spanish F- Lopez handsome "Shiqu" fled from the training field, because he knew that the signing fans are not coming to see him. Can not squeeze on court 5 fans, had the second best choice in the No. 4 field far onlookers, but it is hard to participate in the qualifying round of the players, the referee repeatedly reminded the audience to keep quiet. However, the small German also used his performance to repay all the fans present. After two hours of training, Djokovic and Wawrinka together gave a classical training game, and during the training Djokovic and Wawrinka also did not forget and audience interaction, also staged a "gay show". But we are very curious, just beat Djokovic Wawrinka in the US Open final, between two people do not have clearance? Of course, the answer is negative, the relationship between the two good! "Valinka and I are good friends, but when you seed and training is not the same, the quality of training is very high, so I really love Valinka and training together, I often work with him, especially when the contest. Sometimes it’s not the same as your biggest competitor, because sometimes people worry, but we put it into the game to get the best out of it." Small German said at the press conference. May be too much training, was originally set at five p.m. Beijing time, the first German press conference, he was late again. But the familiar small German counterparts have been surprised, after all, the conference has become a late small German exclusive name card, half an hour delay they have adapted, who is the number one star in the world! In this way, the small German "Chinese children?相关的主题文章: