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Advertising Todays marketplace is increasingly competitive, and effective marketing solutions are a key factor in the success of any business. Branding and graphics that catch the eye of the consumer are important, but even more essential is finding a way to get in front of the potential customers in your target demographic. Custom Printed door hangers For the business owner, door hangers are becoming an increasingly popular way to reach consumers in your targeted demographic areas. With the rising cost of postage, door hangers can be a more cost effective way to reach potential customers in your area, or allow you to expand into new neighborhoods. Flyer distribution is close to 60% less to distribute than bulk rate mailing. Well-designed custom door hangers also provide a visual impact that is hard to beat it is right there front and center when you open the door and are hard to miss. Therefore, it wont be lost in a pile of mail, or hidden in an envelope full of coupons from other businesses. Statistics show that a consumer will make up his or her mind within 3 seconds of seeing an advertisement. If your message has not reached its mark or is hard to find, you may have lost the opportunity. With a door hanger, your colors, your logo and most importantly your call to action are in plain sight and able to be seen very quickly at a glance. Your message is in front of the consumer before they go through their mail or check their email in-box for special offers. But are they effective? Picture this scene: A busy working mom arrives home with the kids, tired after a long day at work. As the kids pile out of the mini-van, gathering backpacks and papers from school, Mom heads to the front door, wondering what to have for family dinner. And there it is the answer hanging right on the front door. Theres a new pizza place in a nearby shopping center that she wasnt even aware of. And better yet, they are offering special pricing through their door hanger coupon. To the consumer, sometimes a door hanger can seem like the answer to a prayer. Youve been meaning to find someone to clean your house or your carpets, a place to try out a therapeutic massage, or a neighborhood gym to join so you can finally get in shape. You arrive home, and a local business has left an offer or announcement on a door hanger that puts their company at the top of your list, giving you the very resource you were looking for. The answer to virtually any need a consumer has can be featured on a door hanger, whether the business is new or well-established. Its important to look for quality door hangers at the right price point. Look for a company that offers door hangers that are printed on premium paper, are available with UV coating or a matte finish, and are available in a variety of sizes for cost effectiveness. An eye catching custom design using your logo and branding is a vital element of an effective door hanger, so youll want to use a company with experienced designers that can give your door hanger impact. Your custom design will make the eye-catching difference and put your business where the consumer cant miss it. Once your custom door hanger has been designed and printed, the final piece of the puzzle is distribution. Companies such as Printing Solutions AZ provide not only design and printing services, but partner with flyer distribution services. Printing Solutions AZ works with an established local company that specializes in door-to-door distribution, providing a reliable and less expensive alternative to bulk mailing rates. There have never been more options for reaching your target market than there are today, and sometimes returning to a simple and direct marketing alternative like door hangers can put your message right where you want it to be. About the Author: Since 2007, Printing Solutions Arizona has provided unmatched printing services in the Phoenix, AZ area. We specialize in essential business products including business cards, letterhead, catalogs, presentation folders, as well as high impact marketing pieces such as postcards, door hangers, posters, banners, and more. We bring you all the products you need to successfully market your business. Printing Solutions is committed to providing superior products at amazing prices. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Advertising 相关的主题文章: