Double eleven Fujian express volume will reach 100 million Fuzhou express industry urgently recruiti magicq

Double eleven Fujian express volume will reach 100 million Fuzhou express industry urgent recruiting Fuzhou news network November 9th news (reporter Ouyang Jinquan) reporter learned yesterday, this year "double eleven" period, our province express volume is expected to reach 100 million, an increase of 46% over last year. Fuzhou is expected to receive more than 6 million 300 thousand pieces, sending pieces of up to 9 million 500 thousand pieces. This means that only from the express quantity rather than turnover, Fuzhou will sell more than "". In response to the upcoming hot situation, Rong express industry is recruiting wildly beating gongs and drums. "Double eleven" Fuzhou to the consumer it is understood that during the next express business season mainly concentrated in the "double eleven" "shuangshier" during Christmas 2017, and the electricity supplier promotional New Year’s day and Spring Festival, a total of 88 days. It is expected that the postal administrations of city, city express business volume this year "double eleven" period (usually a quantity) will be more than 6 million 300 thousand, an increase of nearly 40% over the same period last year; delivery (assigned amount) totaled 9 million 500 thousand, an increase of nearly 35% over the same period last year. Receipt and delivery were 1.34 times and the usual times of 1.91. As the provincial capital city, Fuzhou City, the amount of online shopping more than sales, some counties and cities around the sales." Fuzhou, a number of express business executives pointed out that the double eleven new business from the basic source of online shopping, only from the ‘double’ point of view, Fuzhou tend to consumer type." Fuzhou’s active e-commerce consumption does not mean that business and e-commerce is not active. In fact, has been sent from Fuzhou, the number of shipments are among the best in the province. In the first 9 months of this year, more than the size of the courier companies to complete the volume of the city’s top 182 million, ranking the province’s total of second, an increase of 53.09%, has exceeded the sum of the year 2015. The industry pointed out that the rapid development of the courier industry and the city to develop e-commerce and business atmosphere is relatively strong. Taking Taijiang district as an example, the current e-commerce industry base has settled several heavyweight companies, including giant Alibaba, Qiankun Commerce City, Garrett, Lijia City, has become the business focus areas, street kiosks in the traditional business enterprise also in synchronous development of electronic commerce, promote the development of the integration of online and offline. Express industry recruiting rush "after 7 years of" double eleven "after the middle of the process of express delivery has basically been opened, but the end of the delivery is relatively weak, will face greater challenges and pressures this year." Provincial Postal Administration official said, although the courier companies to use public service stations, express mail boxes, etc. to carry out the last mile delivery, delivery quality will remain the top priority this year. Reporters yesterday in Rongcheng express outlets to see, in Fuzhou major courier companies have taken measures to ensure that "no paralysis, no explosion season". In addition to increasing the operation center operator, outlets of sending staff of nearly 2500 people, the Fuzhou brand express enterprise through the relocation, lease expansion site of nearly 40 thousand square meters, to ensure delivery "received into it". Among them, SF, every day, through the country moved to the new site, increase operating a total area of 21 thousand and 200 square meters.相关的主题文章: