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Drug driving risks such as "drunk driving traffic police punishment according to drug driving – Beijing, Xiamen evening news (reporter Su Qi) eleven golden week draws to a close, many of the" driving "the public began to return, without a long drive. Drive not to drink now has been deeply rooted in the public, drunk driving is also known as the harm, for drug driving, the harm you know a bit? Yesterday, reporter random survey of 20 drivers, only 3 people have noticed the medication of driving may affect the rest of the respondents said, do not know certain medications may affect the safety of driving, the driver said most has not considered drug driving problems. In addition, there are two drivers, said there had been drug driving experience, but no accident. Ouyang Hua, director of the hospital pharmacy, Zhongshan, after the drug is called driving drug driving, drug driving and drunk driving as dangerous. The principle of "drug driving" is that it has obvious inhibitory effects on the central nervous system, such as drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision and so on. She said that most of the commonly used cold medicines contain antihistamines, driving will cause attention, reaction rate, and other conditions, prone to danger. According to a survey abroad, after taking the drug in the crowd, taking antidepressants and sedatives caused by the accident rate of 97%, cold medicine and antihistamines (anti allergic drugs) caused by the accident rate of 72%. And a survey shows that the drug after the accident caused by car accidents accounted for about 10% of the total. Ouyang Hua suggested that the driver, medication within 4-6 hours, as little as possible to drive or not driving. Reporters learned from the traffic police department, there is no drug driving is clearly defined, for drug driving related laws and regulations are blank. Traffic police department said that at present in the actual law enforcement, if due to drug driving accident caused by its punishment in general refer to poison driving".相关的主题文章: