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Egypt no arm with the mouth players to play table tennis ball burst red has worked with Malone to play a friendly sports Sohu – Beijing September 13th, 2016 Rio was in full swing, in the table tennis game, there has been a remarkable player. Ibrahim, an Egyptian athlete, lost 0-3 to the British side in the first round of the group stage, but he was proud to say, "I’m the only player in the world to play table tennis with my mouth" ()." For table tennis enthusiasts, the name Ibrahim – Kazakhstan Ahmed can be said to be heard, because he is in the world, is almost unique in the mouth of table tennis athletes. At the age of 10, Ibrahim – Abmad lost his arms as a result of a train accident, but this did not reduce his love for table tennis. After trying everything, he finally found that he could continue to play table tennis with his mouth. Ibrahim – Abmad in order to stand on the field, the hardships can be imagined, in the 2011 Africa table tennis competition, he won the men’s singles runner up. His story touched the International Table Tennis Federation President Shalala, in the 2014 World Championships in Japan, he was invited as guests to participate in the show, and Malone also had China table tennis players played friendlies, but he behaved very well. "I am very pleased to receive the invitation of President salad. To see so many world-class athletes competing in Tokyo, I am inspired. I hope this thing can make you believe that nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it." Abmad Ibrahim said. "I am the only one in the world who plays table tennis with his mouth. When my world is not the same, let me insist on is not the same, for me, is just to Gangke! Disability is not in the hands and feet, but in the absence of perseverance to do what you want to do, to complete the dream!" In the Rio Paralympics, Ibrahim – once again attracted the attention of the world’s audience, Abmad. Turning to the future, Ibrahim said Abmad hopes to become the World Table Tennis Federation ambassador, around the world to promote table tennis. (Alse)相关的主题文章: