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The new tax equity incentive is a timely rain — from the State Council inspection team line – Beijing, Xinhua news agency in September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lin Hui) "to see a new tax equity incentive news, our company WeChat group immediately" blown up. ". This is such a scientific and technological innovation enterprises, it is a timely rain!" Talk about "preferential tax policies for fresh", Peking University pioneer technology company chairman of the board of supervisors Luo Zhen conceal his excitement. This is the fifth State Council inspection team management of enterprises Forum on the scene. Luo Zhen said the equity incentive tax reform, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation has just issued a joint on the improvement of equity incentives and technology shares of the relevant income tax policy notice. Recently, the State Council inspection team came fifth Zhongguancun administrative committee, on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy and improve the equity incentive reform to listen to the views of enterprises management. Public entrepreneurship, innovation era, more and more companies choose equity incentive measures to attract and retain talent. Related to the core interests of employees and long-term development of the company’s equity incentive tax reform, has been highly concerned about the presence of innovative enterprises: deferred tax application has no specific time limit?" "Stock lifting conditions can be relaxed?" Three new board companies can apply this policy?" Company representatives have opened the chatterbox, a problem with a. We are a small technology company, registered capital of only 200 thousand, and later researchers to technology shares, the registered capital of 20 million, in fact, no money. This bad thing, the tax bureau said on the technology assessment value 19 million 800 thousand yuan to pay income tax, did not expect "brag" to pay taxes?" Beijing century ark Boao company’s chief financial officer Li Fei "grievance" drew laughter. "Blowing cow ‘is also to pay taxes, of course, is a joke, in fact, the appreciation of the value of the technology part of the transfer of property belonging to income, if the assessment of the value of the need to pay income tax." Participate in the discussion of the Ministry of Finance Tax Policy Department official said, according to the equity incentive preferential taxation policy, investment in technology can not pay taxes in the current period, then the tax deferred to the transfer of ownership of cash, but. This time difference to reduce the tax burden of equity employees, to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of great significance. It is understood that in order to stimulate the main types of entrepreneurship and innovation vitality, the Ministry of finance has also introduced the improvement of corporate R & D expenses deduction policy, expand the scope of implementation of accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, the introduction of technology business incubator (including public record space) tax policy, for the management of enterprise development "escort". In addition to equity incentive tax incentives, we have to implement the innovation driven development strategy what advice?" Inspection team for how to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, promote economic restructuring and upgrading of high concern. "Policy in the implementation process should be down the implementation of uniform standards" and "hope to further consider the angel investment tax problem" "some high-tech products production license approval time can be further shortened"…… From the first line of business and look forward to sincere sincere voice, the inspection team members often take record. Just now.相关的主题文章: