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Eric Tsang backed "in July and she had to admit that" son to Sohu entertainment "in July and she" creative photo Click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen Li Xin September 11th, flood mapping video) by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and she held" the opening ceremony in Beijing. Derek Tsang’s father Eric Tsang also appeared in the conference, for his son’s first feature film "platform, but also because too understand girls heart" and "once exposed son suspected of sexual orientation". Eric Tsang as the new director Derek Tsang platform exposes the suspected son sexuality conference, asked "why choose the baby Anne’s works to the screen," director Peter Chan said, "three personal feelings play is always more interested in their own direction, the movie, the proposition of love has no ten years also said don’t know," sweet "," love "is ten years, and in July she story from two people 13 years of age about 30 years old, the span is large enough." And about his love but not personally when the director Peter Chan bluntly, "for a long time did not make a romance, need to find a better understand young people love to shoot, Derek Tsang and his work together for a long time, the time the young man was very assured." Derek Tsang’s father Eric Tsang at the conference site, the face of his son’s debut, Eric Tsang said this is to test the son’s graduation works, "very proud, you are film students, until one day your father came to see your work, will the same feeling with me now." Subsequently, Eric Tsang and humorous evaluation movie said: "at first I thought it was a comedy, then that is literary piece, but it finally found a mystery. Just to see the tail from the end, the results look to cry." When it comes to Derek Tsang too understand girls heart, the topic, Eric Tsang is a direct expression, I doubt that my son before there is no homosexual tendencies, or else how can so understand girls?" The students answered the sparkling discourse attracted the audience laughter. Listen to this, Derek Tsang wronged protest, said, you know I always like is a girl." Dongyu Zhou was acting director to give thanks to play about two starring Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun, director Derek Tsang said: "initially choose the corners will have fixed thinking, think two individual roles should be reversed, but then more and more that are now positioned on the Dongyu Zhou in the drama are very" quiet ", Ma Sichun" July "more bias." Scene two NvZhu asked is how to improve the performance, Dongyu Zhou said "by Chen, had to" freedom ", so that they can play a more freewheeling film," think of the pure channel "is what I want to come out. Thank you very much Ma Sichun, because she played very well, so I can play better partner." And Ma Sichun is a direct bold said, did not learn to perform, depending on the experience of a variety of love and friendship, love is very important, acting to love more!" In the film, "Ma Sichun angrily clothes" plot to impress the audience, was asked to shoot the mood相关的主题文章: