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"-" exposure "suspicion" VR video face brother disputes paraselene personally on the scene "suspicion" VR theater > > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment Yao off the TV drama "-" the official micro-blog today released a VR video theater "suspicion", the video produced by fantasy technology the audience, through the VR player and VR glasses can be a full range of "intervention" to the castle (William Feng ornaments) and Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu ornaments) battle scene. At the same time, the video also perfect the last conversation in the original Sakura empty release before death and the castle so many friends, the message "finally came to this, tears". As early as in the "city of fantasy" broadcast before the play was released a number of support VR let the audience experience the scene personally on the scene. At present, as a new field of science and technology industry, VR has attracted extensive attention both inside and outside the industry, but the use of large areas of film and television works are still rare. "City of fantasy" as the first "eat crabs play", not just make a lot of VR video, also uses 360° panoramic map technology marketing does not bring the same opera experience for the audience. This "suspicion", although it is a traditional meaning of the notice, but the three-dimensional visual impact and surround the sound effect is the ultimate audio-visual experience. In addition, the video also early exposure to the Sakura empty release before the castle and dialogue, promised no matter what Sakura empty release will unconditionally believe his castle, but now suspect all the "evil" Sakura empty release do all because the throne disc spin free reckless with greed, sleet Snowbird whine, and Sakura empty release seems indifferent but full of sad voice is infinite sadness, sadness is more sympathetic brother suspicion. In tomorrow’s story, Picasso and Yingkong Shi brothers will usher in the ultimate showdown, once the brothers, guard each other deeply attached to each other at the moment to stand on the opposite side of the enemy, the seeds of doubt and will bear fruit to tragedy? Please pay attention to Hunan satellite TV and Tencent video.相关的主题文章: