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Web-Design Magento 1.4 latest version of magento, when any new version released it contains some extended features and added some new features and functionality in it. Here we mention some new features added in magento 1.4. This released includes some great features like WYSIWYG editor, extended PayPal handling, Widgets and SEO improvements. "It applies 3D secure credit card validation, Visa and MasterCard validation. "Full re-implementation of PayPal modules and it contain lot of new functionality with the number of bugfixes. Now PayPal check out allowed through PayPal logo while allow guest checkout is marked NO. "Magento 1.4 includes some SEO and accessibility enhancements. "The new version 1.4 able to insert template predefined and custom variables in the email templates. It implements custom variables functionality and added variables reference in email templates. "It introduced design cross-package fallback and the default theme. It takes full review of frontend themes. "Magento 1.4 add Catalog Product Price Template block. In short Catalog Product Block "" retrieve price block types from catalog product price template block if available Made is_active = yes by default when creating a CMS block or a shopping cart price rule. "In the new version magento 1.4 add ability to define arbitrary cache backend. "Replaced admin notification flash popup into a simple HTML overlay. It Implements field dependencies in widget options insertion form, moved widgets functionality into separate module. Remove redundant widget options element renderer. In magento 1.4 all widget choosers and the media image browser use an overlay instead of a popup window. "Magento 1.4 Re-implement 404 and report pages, introduced 503 page, specifically for maintenance purposes. "In this new version made order processing workflow, it is more informative and severe. "Magento 1.4 is able to configure entry point using virtual host environment configuration, rather than creating another physical entry point. "Added image/media uploader/browser, that can browse entire media folder, Implement separate thumbnails storage for image uploader and browsing entire media folder because of these now thumbnails won’t mess up with content. "T the time of startup it optimized cache initialization, Optimized export from grids in admin area. "Improved tax and discount totals calculation, It Decrees number of queries for processing tax rates, unified cache key logic in tax rate caching process. "It implements proper transaction of saving an order and related entities; it implements proper payment processing in Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Payment model. "Apply EAV Entity Save performance. It means 1 insert of multiple rows instead of multiple inserts into the same table. "It Added Custom Variables functionality. It will improve customer id validation in customer session. Apply lot of new System Configuration options. "Magento 1.4 improved javascript files merging, and also added CSS files merging. "Added WYSIWYG for CMS and Catalog, Implemented product and category URLs per store view. "Magento 1.4 able to provide child blocks in admin form block. It adds numbers localization support for shopping cart qty input. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: