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UnCategorized At times you are at your wit’s end thinking what you can gift for your friend’s or colleague’s baby. The babies are too young to express their preferences and then you think that they will be inundated with the usual clothes, jewelry, toys, blankets and bath products. So what do you give? Here are some baby giftideas to help you get started. And the online stores are always within easy reach. Toys Toys are probably the best companions for the babies. They are attracted to soft cuddly toys that come in various animal shapes, toys that produce any kind of movement or sounds or even those that interact. When you plan to buy a toy as a baby gift idea ensure that they are safe and certified. Keepsake treasures Keepsake item makes for a great baby gift idea where you can preserve the early photographs of the baby or their foot and hand impressions or even things they have used. As the years go by the children and parents both enjoy going through these items. Gift basket idea A gift basket is truly a unique baby gift idea which helps you to utilize your creative skills. For a gift basket idea you need to make the gift look outstanding and for this you can even take some tips from the parents. Try working with a theme and you will get a direction to work at. You can either gift a gourmet basket or a bath basket or a beach basket. Make sure that the relevant items are included in the basket. You should keep in mind the age of the baby whom you are gifting it to. Do not buy clothes meant for slightly older age thinking that babies outgrow their clothes too fast. Make your basket look appealing to the eyes and include pink items for girls and blue for the boys. A little personalized message shows the pains you have taken to organize this basket. Personalized gifts You can gift personalized blankets with the baby’s name on it and your heartfelt messages. Even T-shirts can have the baby’s names on it. Little pendants and jewelry items with engravings on them make an individualistic statement and are great baby gift ideas. You can have their names written on the cute little furniture such as their beds, tables and chairs. The babies are going to love them and treasure and guard them as their personal belonging and refuse to share it with anyone. Music to the ears You can gift some nice CDs with good music for the babies and even have their names mentioned in the songs. Lullaby CDs are good baby gift ideas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: