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Family Law – Settlement Agreements By: Hassan Elhais | Mar 6th 2016 – Introduction Following a No Objection Certificate from the Family Guidance .mittee, the parties can file their family case in the Dubai Courts. In the second part of the of the guide through family court proceedings, we shall be outlining some of the .mon mistakes made by parties while entering into settlem … Tags: Family Law – Internation Abduction By: Hassan Elhais | Feb 20th 2016 – The UAE is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. Within UAE laws, there are no statutory provisions specifically dealing with child abduction. Tags: Divorce For U.a.e Resident Under U.a.e Family Law And Hindu Marriage Act 1995 By: Hassan Elhais | Feb 14th 2016 – In a recent Supreme Court case decision, according to Article 13 of the personal status law, court of cassation applied foreign law in a divorce matter. As per Article 13, either party has a right to request to the court to apply foreign law (ie place where marriage was contracted) in their divorce matter. As per Article 16 … Tags: Divorce Process Under United Arab Emirates Law By: Hassan Elhais | Feb 13th 2016 – While divorce is permissible in Islam, Sharia law makes it .plicated for squabbling couples to end the courtship unless the judge is .pletely convinced that the marriage will not work. If we talk about UAE, divorce cases in the UAE are governed by the Islamic Sharia law. Tags: Family Law – Special Conditions In The Marriage Contract By: Hassan Elhais | Feb 11th 2016 – Marriage contracts usually take a standard format, however special conditions may be added into marriage contracts. Such special conditions can provide different rights to either of the parties, but we have seen a prevalence of conditions which focus on giving the wife additional rights. Tags: Family Law – Jurisdiction And Conflict Of Law By: Hassan Elhais | Feb 10th 2016 – Dubai is one "��Emirate"�� within the "��United Arab Emirates"��. Seven Emirates make up the UAE being: Dubai; Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujeira, Ras Al Khaimah, Um al Quwaim and Ajman. Each Emirate is governed individually. Tags: Family Law – Marriage Dissolution By: Hassan Elhais | Feb 9th 2016 – The dissolution of a marriage is a legal act that may not coincide with the emotional tearing asunder. Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned. While it can take adults time to regain psychological equilibrium, there is also a threat to be involved in a court proceeding claiming for .pensation for childre … Tags: Know Your Labor Rights In The United Arab Emirates By: Hassan Elhais | Jan 27th 2016 – Some Employees do not know their rights upon the termination of their employment contracts, so the issue has to be carefully considered. Introduction – This article shall elaborate on the duties employer"��s regarding registration of employees and the rights of employees after the termination of their labor contracts in the … Tags: 相关的主题文章: