Fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games does not delete files open test game player attention continued to soa

Fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games does not delete files open test game player attention continued to soar Tencent first round close social Mobile Games "fantasy Zhu Xian (micro-blog) Mobile Games" test does not delete files open on November 1st, set off a new wave of people Zhu xian. On the first day of the opening test, fantasy Zhu Xian server open test quickly full, therefore, the game party quickly added a new server, just let more dream punish can be the first time to enter the game player game experience. Then. "What fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games" charm, so that the game player is so warm? Let’s get it together! Baidu hot search on bursting yesterday, "fantasy Zhu Xian" Mobile Games test does not delete files on the line, attracted a large number of game player’s attention, "fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games" and "fantasy Zhu Xian" Baidu search index exceeded 200 thousand. Previously, a total of 7 Tencent from different platform game products for on-line dream punish common voice, it makes more of many Tencent dream punish waiting. As a Tencent Mobile Games in turn based on the product for early adopters, "fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games" will undoubtedly make surprise favorite Tencent game player. So the game open test, many game player is rushing in to the game experience, dream punish brought charm. QQ music first topped the popular game open test, sung by Chinese music "Lyric Diva Zhang Bichen theme song of the same name in the QQ music together first, and topped the hot day, let the dream punish game player big rocks. Since the "Yun Zhi" TV plays since Zhu Xian IP heat is high, so a lot of game player on "fantasy Zhu Xian" the arrival of Mobile Games showed an unprecedented look. Zhang Bichen and Zhu Xian series together again, further lit the game player’s enthusiasm, attracting a large number of fans to experience. Intimate social multi-dimensional interactive "fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games" flagship "intimate social", rich social gameplay will fit different game player need friends. Game player can be a key to WeChat, QQ invited friends and acquaintances into games together with Zhu xian. And when the fate of the two people met, the system will continue to take heart, encourage players to take the first step, with the right person to make friends. The marriage system, gangs, mentoring and other play a game, game player can experience the marriage, Bride Parade, luxury moon race etc. a variety of interesting interaction in the joy of harvest, friends. "Fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games" does not delete files test hot hits. Super high popularity and heat, super fun intimate social play, and so what? Together to experience the heart of the taste of it! Get the latest information on dream punish dynamic, dream punish, please login official website: or scan the QR code below, immediate attention "fantasy Zhu Xian" Mobile Games WeChat public and hand Q interested tribes.相关的主题文章: