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Feng Yuanzheng: actor duty in upstage Biao play not commendatory terms – Sohu culture channel does not love Biao play by actress Ding Zhicheng as producer, producer and starring other staff Spy Drama "nameless" will be landing in Tianjin TV in November 22nd, the show was "people’s Hampshire" said the Beijing people’s Art Theatre, 85 class of Feng Yuanzheng, Wu Gang, Ding Zhicheng, Wang Gang and Gao fuyuhira, this drama drama audience is looking forward to the reunion of bone. The day before, Feng Yuanzheng accepted an interview with reporters, he believes that filming is his sideline, talked about the movie actor "back lines read digital" phenomenon, Feng Yuanzheng said, "who do you willing to spend money on them?" Read the script for three months "Biao play not commendatory terms" in the "unknown", Feng Yuanzheng plays the courageous and knowledgeable political commissar Li, for such a control role, "the role is not particularly complex, I think this role to play more of a mind more amiable and easy of approach, some things are more. Calm some." This drama is almost the same as the fast-food style of the film, the first producer of Ding Zhicheng, so that the actors spend three months to read the script, the script polished fine fine. In the face of "art of Wuhu will wind play", in the same drama Feng Yuanzheng said, "I think the wind play is not a commendatory terms, I feel a little bit derogatory. In fact, I think the tacit understanding is the most important. One more thing, do your part. The actor’s duty is not in play, but well done roles. I don’t think we together is to wind play together, we are in order to better accomplish the characterization." Adhere to the "drama stage" digital artist "who catch who deserve it" in the screen, Feng Yuanzheng is not high actor, he said every year there will be two drama performances, film and television drama "is actually a sideline, I almost half the year’s time is spent in the theater, has always insisted on the play." Recently has been discovered by the film crew for "some idols and even read numbers instead of reading a script and then later dubbed the phenomenon. Ding Zhicheng said no "for the" or "Wu for" his works, "we learn the performance is realism, the most important is the performance of three elements, you also follow this to go for many years, we are not the idea that drama. Everyone’s performance is very fresh, very touching." And old friends of similar views, Feng Yuanzheng bluntly said he did not encounter such an actor, this is your love I would like to do things, can not rely on those artists read the numbers, who let you want to spend the money please. This thing, who catch who." The marriage need to operate "will not check each other mobile phone" Feng Yuanzheng and Liang Danni called the entertainment model couple, two people in love often interact in micro-blog. Asked how to keep love fresh, Feng Yuanzheng believes that marriage is the need of business, not married is, "someone in a certain time to forget each other’s birthday, I think this is precisely the unstable factors in marriage, we lost its business Ning相关的主题文章: