Fight The exposure Derby United player dazuizhang midfielder Mourinho did not stop the sports –

Fight? The exposure Derby United player dazuizhang midfielder Mourinho did not stop the Sohu   sports; the United dressing room infighting midfielder Beijing time on September 13th, from "the sun" said during a break in the Manchester Derby midfielder in the United dressing room had a bitter quarrel, but Mourinho didn’t stop, but let the players vent your emotions. In the match against Feyenoord before Mourinho confirmed M F Kobita Liang lingard and will not be available, and rush, will get the opportunity to debut. In the Manchester derby, Manchester United has made a very good start, three in a row, but in the first half of the derby, the play was very poor, Ibrahimovic scored 1 goals, the player’s mood was calm down a little, but they eventually lost the Derby war. "The sun" said during a break in the Manchester derby midfielder in the United dressing room, there are several players quarrel, "this is the first time of the season this quarrel, but Jose looks very calm, as if the argument Never mind and he. People can hear the players shouting and arguing. In a few minutes later, Mourinho stepped in to let everyone calm down, and tell them to keep cool in the second half, otherwise, certainly worse, God knows, if Ibrahimovic can’t draw a ball, the situation will be much worse." From this point of view, the players are not satisfied with their first half of the derby in Manchester City, this is the scene of a dispute in the dressing room. This week, Manchester United will face Faye Nord in the Europa League, Mourinho said before the game, he will be in the Manchester City Derby in punishing some play bad players, including M F Kobita Liang and Lin Jiade, "is the only factor they decided to play, not play in the match against Enod fee, this is not to punish them, they need more time, so I can let other players play first." In the interview, Mourinho also talked about the rush for his trust, "for me, the game for Faye Nord’s next game is very important, Ford will certainly rush out. I have a lot of faith in him, and he knows that his future is bright. He plays 9, and if he is in another place, then he needs to improve, and his character is good. In general, people will always be more concerned about the talent of the players, but at this level of players, character is very important, he played last season also illustrates this point." (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章: