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Software File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information, such as .puter programs, multi-media (audio, video), documents, or electronic books. It may be implemented in a variety of storage, transmission, and distribution models. .mon methods are manual sharing using removable media, centralized .puter file server installations on .puter networks, world wide web-based hyperlinked documents, and the use of distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. Authors of shareware, freeware and opensource/freesoftware often use file hosting services to serve their software. The inherent problem with free downloads is the huge bandwidth cost. These hosts also offer additional services to the authors such as statistics or other marketing features. A file hosting service, online file storage service, or online media center is an internet hosting service specifically designed to host static content, typically large files that are not web pages. Typically they allow web and FTP access. They can be optimized for serving many users (as is implied by the term "hosting") or be optimized for single-user storage (as is implied by the term "storage"). Related services are video sharing, virtual storage and remote backup. The majority of the hosting .panies’ use free hosting to introduce their services and as an entry point to their more expensive offerings. File storage is storing your files on the internet and access them anywhere. One limitation of such an Internet-based storage service is that it isn’t accessible when a person’s .puter or phone is offline, such as when one is in an airplane, though he could still copy required files to the laptop or other device before disconnecting from the Internet. You have many sites which provide you with safe and secure file sharing, hosting and storage. Teradepot.. is one of the easiest and fastest service providers for file sharing and storage. You can share your files on your blog, forum or website using this service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: