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Final Preview: Ding Junhui Selby at the Grand Slam crown for thirteenth [Abstract] China Snooker Championship final, Ding Junhui and Selby once again staged "enemy duel, Ding Junhui will attack the 13 crown. [collection] Ding Junhui 9-4 Trump won six straight victories single shot 134 points in October 30th 20162017 sports Tencent, snooker season state championships into the final, Ding Junhui and Selby this enemy enemies, in 2016 third major tournament finals meet. Ding Junhui will be the impact of personal career thirteenth ranking tournament champion, such as Searl won the championship, will be the first episode of the world championship, the British masters, masters and national championship champion in one. Ding Junhui finally ushered in the 2016 state rally, World Championship qualifying play all the way to the final, the second half is won the Masters tournament in Shanghai, broke up 29 months without a title. In the championship victory over Ding Junhui in the first round after winning, then Grace Mann, Stevens, Walton, Higgins and Trump, the state is more outstanding. Ding Junhui final opponent will be old friend Selby, which is the world’s first consecutive years, the 2016 World Championships in the second win. This season, Hunter won the Shanghai masters classic champion and runner up, the National Championships is winning Liang Wenbo, Joe Perry and Bingham for the first time in the country after the championship final. Two players career intersection is not too much, although 80 percent of the top players, but the major events will not be handed over the phone. Changed 2016 story, two people met in the championship finals, Ding Junhui’s first World Championship final, championship became all the fans waiting for the final thing, however Selby is in complete control of the situation, to play for the first time in the final Ding Junhui with a score of 6-0. Then the whole game Ding Junhui are struggling to catch up, and ultimately in their own state of depression and the opponent’s delaying tactics, the impact of the first World Championship defeat of Ding Junhui. Not long ago, Ding Junhui and Selby in the Shanghai masters finals, this time Ding Junhui courage with a strong offensive to suppress opponents, Ding Junhui finally defeated Selby to win the championship, the game also shed tears of excitement. The two finals of the meeting between the two people have had too many stories, but the story is not over, the national championships in 2016, the third major events in the final meet again in. On the record, the two had 26 meetings, Ding Junhui 11 wins 1 flat 12 negative slightly inferior, but two people had a total of 4 times in the final, in addition to the 2016 World Championship final, the remaining three against 2008 Wuxi classic, 2012 Welsh and 2016 Shanghai Masters tournament to win three games. The final record against Ding Junhui is undoubtedly more dominant. If Ding Junhui won the championship, will be the first two won the championship of the players, and the total number of career titles will reach 13, once again in the 80’s exclusive top. If Selby eventually won the championship, will be the ninth individual ranking champion, but also became the first set of 80 World Championships, the British Kam, masters and the national championship of the top four相关的主题文章: