For the first time in nearly ten years of national box office fell the Mekong counter attack footman

For the first time in nearly ten years of national box office fell   "the Mekong" counter attack into the dark horse – Culture – original title: "the Mekong River action" dark horse "counter attack into the Mekong River action" good reputation, high box office. "Grand track" box office less than expected. "Robinson Crusoe" A new force suddenly rises. 2016 National Day movie files ending, although this time several movie box office is good, but still unable to reverse the overall market decline. According to statistics, the 7 day holiday the mainland film market closed at 1 billion 580 million yuan, down 15% last year. Among them, "the Mekong River action" 7 days at the box office with $530 million this time counter attack has become a dark horse. "Grand track" star studded "accidental misfiring Mekong action" surprise win last year the national archives, box office total harvest of 1 billion 850 million yuan, an increase of 71% compared to 2014. However, in the summer, Mid Autumn Festival this year after two successive sessions freeze, coupled with Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" temporary change gear, the national archives is still not popular imagination — the final 7 days to close at 1 billion 580 million yuan at the box office, is the mainland market for nearly 10 years national box office fell for the first time. For this report, there are a lot of cinema manager said: "the market is really cold." But there are people in the industry believe that the final box office has exceeded the expected figure: the initial estimate is 1 billion 500 million yuan." On the blockbuster, the most surprising is the Mekong "action", before the release of the film because the theme does not belong to the family and is not optimistic about the industry, the first day at the box office is only 38 million 933 thousand yuan. But then all the way up, October 4th day box office exceeded 76 million 783 thousand yuan, counter attack has become the single day box office champion, national day 7 days at the box office 530 million yuan, a dark horse topped the national box office champion, many viewers said, the film has a breakthrough in positive energy themes and action scenes, the rhythm of the control and characterization is also doing well, with good reputation to prop up the box office counter attack. Deng Chao, Yang Yang, starring in the "pass from all over the world" is the first release of the national day of the film as early as the whole of the film. The film on the first day to 74 million yuan, becoming the highest grossing film released in September, then five consecutive days to obtain single day box office champion, followed by "the Mekong River action" in the counter ultra, the 7 day National Day holiday to 460 million yuan at the box office in second, the total box office more than 610 million yuan. Directed by Guo Jingming’s "grand track" accidental misfiring, reputation of the film than the previous film "the times", the star lineup is also more powerful, but only 7 days at the box office reached 270 million yuan, ranked third, so many people in the industry said that "beyond all expectations". Analysis of the industry, "grand track" in the original influence than the "time" and Guo Jingming’s past works are controversial, may be the reason why the film is less than expected. Jing Wong’s comedy "trump card" with ace by Andy Lau and starring Huang Xiaoming, but 7 days at the box office is only 190 million yuan, the main film ranked four. The earth "four seasons" box office reputation than the "Robinson Crusoe" movie with the schedule of other A new force suddenly rises. best reputation, is a documentary "the seasons on earth", this is the 75 year old master of French documentary Jacques Behan’s works?. Film)相关的主题文章: