French reminder Monaco in the last 12 games in all competitions only lost 1 Games

French reminder: Monaco recently lost only 12 games in all competitions predicted 1 Ligue 1 football]: Toulouse vs Monaco start time: analysis of 2016-10-15 01:00 hunt ball: FUN88 2.78 3.10 2.52 FUN88: first for the instant: 2.77 3.20 2.46 Toulouse? Toulouse last season relegation this season opening, stunning, currently 4 wins 2 flat 1 negative fourth highest in the league. Toulouse? In the sixth round of League champions Paris, with Seoul and Thomas attack hand wave multi goals, the team final 2-0 victory over the opponent, but the League Round away team lost 0-1 to Caen, but now Toulouse state is quite good. ? in addition, Toulouse season and defence performance is very good, they are only 0.87 goals, before the 8 round of the League 3 times to maintain a clean body, in the sixth round is zero to seal the powerful Paris Saint germain. ? and the recent Toulouse home court record is very good, the team recently won four straight home court competitions, six unbeaten record. ? home court operations in Toulouse, hoping to give Monaco a bit of pressure, so this game, even against the odds play they will not give up the game, the game suggested Monaco a victory. Monaco? Monaco since the 2013-14 season, never fall out of the top three in France, the team is currently 8 rounds to finish with 6 wins 1 flat 1 negative record temporarily ranked second. ? in the September 28th Champions League match Monaco 1-1 draw with Leverkusen, after suffering a draw team adjusted state quickly, in the last round of Monaco League away 7-0 massacre promoted Mames, whose full team. ? with Leverkusen’s Champions League match, defender gleeck Pro games before the team score, so as to avoid the fate of the team lost, the team morale is also encouraged by. The new round of the first round of the 8 round of the season, Monaco won the game in the field, but also scored a total of 2.75 goals in the field, the team’s performance in the season is quite good. Monaco this season? Well, cannot do without one of the players in the array, not only the attacker Muller and Germain etc. to do for the team, as a defender gleeck and T. Tavares is also both contribute to the team, they can be described as a knife with a guard". ? now this lineup in the reputation as last season despite loud, and the average age is too large, but in the running has experience, definitely better than last season than the game, Monaco three points. Summary: Toulouse injured injured Braithwaite (forward), P, Ningke Schiff (guard), Somalia (midfielder), Ake Plo (back), T doumbia (midfielder) questionable: Yage (guard) Monaco indisponibili: B, A, Mendy (guard) (midfielder), Traore Falco (forward), N and derar (midfielder) questionable about: T, Baja)相关的主题文章: