From Deutsche Bank to Wells Fargo global lines coincided with an eventful year zznba

From Deutsche Bank to Wells Fargo global lines coincided with an eventful year U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 30, Bloomberg News Beijing reported Thursday, the New York stock market has not sounded the opening bell, in the eyes of some of the world’s largest bank, this day. Through. But not many people expected bad news one after another, on both sides of the Atlantic soon hit — a wave of layoffs, scandals and financial worries hit the banking stocks, many investors want to know the end of the stage and the bad time. The first is from Germany, the German commercial bank has long been struggling to announce another plan to regain its footing, this time announced the removal of 20% of employees. And in Washington, the supreme leader John Stumpf in Congress faced heavy gunfire criticism of Wells Fargo, the bank involved in the open secret unauthorized account scandal, caused a great disturbance, the location of the Stumpf is also in jeopardy. Then, go back to Germany, there is bad news: Deutsche Bank has become the world’s largest financial sector worries, some hedge funds in the reduction in the bank’s financial exposure. Stumpf ended in the United States House of representatives to accept more than four hours of torture, ready to leave, Wells Fargo on the issue of improper seizure of vehicles and the United States Department of justice reached a settlement, will face higher fines. New York investor Responsibility Research Center research by executive director Jon Lukomnik said: "although the bank said there is a skeleton in the cupboard, but the whole thing is the bank seems to forget the mind, and the situation is becoming more and more complex to increase the chance of error." 8 years after the financial crisis, the global banking industry. Global regulators make banks look more like a boring utility, but the outlook for the banking sector is bumpy. Affected by the international banking industry continued rising populism, and as punishment; the decline in trading volume, capital increasingly stringent requirements on the occasion, the industry to find ways to make money. Covering 38 financial institutions in the Bloomberg Europe banks and financial services industry index fell 24% this year, and to include the KBW bank index 24 U.S. financial industry is down 4.6%, while the decline in the deepest Wells Fargo fell 18%. Editor: Wang Yongsheng SF153相关的主题文章: