Good morning Xiamen brother sent medical help. Also rejected the maternal fare vidown

Good morning Xiamen brother sent medical help. Maternal brother Lin Songxiong also rejected the fare Xiamen Net – Xiamen evening news (reporter Wang Shaoliang correspondent You Cuifen Ventura) yesterday at 2 am, Lin Songxiong sent a brother crane friendship guest to Dong Pu Lu Morimi Lijing Xiao Qu, just a small area, a young man ran over to him for help. The man said that his wife was born and hoped that the driver could take them to the hospital. Lin Songxiong readily agreed, in the meantime, he also help hold maternal, mentioning something will be sent to the hospital in Zhongshan after their safety, fare even did not want to, quietly left. Lin Songxiong said, this man has lived in Morimi Lijing, he was a man in the area outside the taxi stop. The man in the car, on the way to his home with women. On the way, found a stone blocked the road, Bayashi Matsuo got out of the car and take it away. To the man’s house downstairs, the man went upstairs to pick up his wife, Bayashi Matsuo on the back of the two doors open, standing next to the car, and so they go downstairs. Worried about the urgency of the way, in case of speeding, running a red light, Bayashi Matsuo quickly called the company’s fleet to prepare for a while. After a while, the man took his wife upstairs. Maybe he is too tired, a staggering, legs and knees kneeling on the ground, but his hands still tightly holding his wife. Lin Songxiong seeing this, immediately ran up and took the men, women from his hand, and took her to the back of the car, let her down. "Go to Xiahe Road, Lake Road, Lake Road from Morimi Lijing, more than and 10 minutes to get to the hospital in Zhongshan." Lin said that, according to her own introduction, she was at home when the amniotic fluid has been broken, but the situation was not too urgent, so he was still on the road, and did not run a red light and speeding. To the door of the hospital, Bayashi Matsuo and the young man to carry the woman to the hospital on the cart, and help them carry the baggage to the hospital. The father to pay, Bayashi Matsuo declined: "little life coming, adults and children do not have the money matter." He said so, the father kept saying thank you". He was driving a taxi for six months, the performance is good, never been complained." The white crane friendship company team captain Pei Longwang said that Bayashi Matsuo had not married, but he did not expect to encounter such a thing to deal with quite calm.相关的主题文章: