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Grand track Unveiled: best of Fan Bingbing’s hair is   the lens to make a full six months — Jiangxi channel — original title: Grand track Unveiled: specific progress most cattle is hair Fan Ye "-" not far, "grand track" has been to. Whether you like it or not, Guo Jingming has contracted the size of the summer. The evening of September 29th, city after the premiere, many industry insiders predict, "grand track" be able to go beyond the "return" of the domestic animation to create the box office. (Cai Xiaohe) all star lineup, 11 star posters almost do not put, Guoneishoubu CG reality fantasy, plus Guo Jingming, the show was doomed from the beginning is wonderful, regardless of the screen or the topic, enough to make people in advance, after a month of discussion. From the premiere of perception point of view, although CG effects still can let people find faults, but the effects from the domestic level, it has improved a lot, full screen gushing is money which. Copy the novel plot statement and world view set clear, but there are barriers to entry, because the person is too much, enough to make a dream of Red Mansions as family tree controls, can not let the audience fans carry clear characters. While the popular male CP Wu Yifan and Chen Xuedong from head to tail up for love, beauty fans repeatedly exposed flesh, several characters in the film half naked, super welfare eggs. The best hair is Fan Bingbing, hair million people, each hair cut into tiny made Bing Bing’s elegant long hair is flowing money. Do "Guo Jingming grand track" all of this, you can let down the biases? At least after the "grand track", you should not underestimate the director Guo Jingming. (Lorna, commissioning editor Mao Siyuan) original title: Grand track Unveiled: specific progress most cattle is Fan Ye hair plot, character set: copy the novel grand track world was born in the Odeon mainland 12, silver priests were dispersed in four countries, with each country’s sovereignty. Worship under the Silver King, each country has 7, increased from seven to a skill online, they direct orders from the three priests in charge of the kingdom of silver. King and with the apostles, once king newbest, can have three other apostles, king is an apostle. The apostle to the king, king of the soul of learning to follow the battle, their mentor, beyond love, friendship, love to kill — one day when the king died, the Apostle would become the new king. The movie "grand track" of the story takes place in a country — Aslan empire. One day, a priest in the Empire of silver Aslan (Wang Yuanshi) fled, and met the five Baron ghost seam of soul in the abyss corridor (Yan Yikuan) and his apostolic ghost Shanlian spring brother and sister, the boy looked like silver priest and brother and sister said silver sacrificial secret ghost seam the soul began to depart for Xiliuer island. At the same time, the seven Baron silver (Wu Yifan ornaments) to order silver priest found his "destiny" of the apostles — a young orphaned town Qi zero (Chen Xuedong ornaments), and began to teach him the soul. Later, they were involved in the new相关的主题文章: