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Photography Babies are perhaps one of the most beautiful beings of this planet. A mere smile of your little one can make your day and it is one of those moments, which you would love to cherish for the rest of your life. Thus, it has been a natural propensity among most of the parents to capture these splendid moments in their cameras. The snapshots not only enable them to recapitulate those glorious moments, but they can also upload it in the Great American photo contest and share with others. It is an online baby photo contest, which is being held since 2006 and has already attained an immense popularity among the people. Participating in this .petition is totally free of cost and in every single month a cute baby photo can win lump sum prize money of $2,500. However, you can only upload the pictures of your babies, who are aged up to 48 months. It is also mandatory that the participants must be over 18 years of age. The most interesting aspect of Great American Photo Contest is that even the applicants are entitled to vote for their childs photographs. Once you baby gets the maximum number of votes, he/she will be declared as the winner of this mega online event. With the mere emergence of the various fraudulent activities, the online media is no longer a safe one. The greatamericanphotocontest.. is certainly an exception in this respect. Here, the parents can safely upload all the beautiful snaps of their toddlers without facing any sort of adversities. It even provides you an ideal platform to enjoy the photographs of several other children along with their pets. The .petition is usually being classified in diverse segments such as, Funny Costumes, Editors Picks, Cool Shades, Bath Time, Twins etc. Apart from children, The Great American photo contest even provides an ideal opportunity for all the pet owners to win attractive cash prizes. Now, the applicants possess the sole liberty to upload the images of their favorite cats and dogs and can win attractive prize money of $1000 in every single month. Apart from this, there is the Fame and Fortune photo contest, where all the top notch photographers and media persons appear as judges. However, it is an invitation-based contest and an individual can only participate in the same while getting an invite from the superintendents of the Great American Photo Contest. Again, in order to be a part of this Fame and Fortune photo contest, you are supposed to pay an entrance fee of $19.99. But you are definitely not going to bother of this minimal amount as the mere prize for this contest is an attractive amount of $14,000 in cash or $25,000 government bond. Now, if you are thinking that you are going to win this .petition only participating in it, it would be advisable to get rid of this misconceived notion. Every month, the judges will select one photo of a baby for the cash reward that has got the maximum number of votes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: