Guan, Hebei, a real estate sales in violation of the law alleged fraud police involved in the invest huangshexiaoshuo

Hebei Guan a real estate sales in Beijing illegal investigation – Beijing new network in Langfang in September 14, the police on suspicion of fraud (reporter Song Mintao) the media reported 14, Hebei Province, Langfang city Guan County real estate in five cards are not the case in Beijing, selling at below market prices, property buyers to the project where to find this project was a cottage, and developers internal disputes. 14 evening, Guan county official said in response: involved in real estate development companies suspected of fraud, Guan police have been involved in the investigation, and achieved positive contact with the Beijing Daxing District police, in accordance with the principle of territoriality suggested the Daxing police investigation. 14, the media published the "Hebei Guan real estate five cards are not in Beijing to sell off the project site was a cottage" one article, said the development of Hebei Xiang Ma Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. Garden real estate project is Beijing food at less than the normal market price for sale, and the sales staff said that at present the area there are more than and 300 sets of real estate by subscription. Buyers later found that the project five cards are not, the project site has no signs of demolition, development of the main Hebei Xiang stable Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Xiang Ma company) has not to pay land leasing, no "real estate pre-sale permit", the internal disputes of Xiang Ma company, the court has not pronounced. Guan county official responded that the matter was informed, Guan county government attaches great importance to quickly convene the relevant departments held a special meeting, after investigation, reports involving Langfang TAIDING Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. in Daxing District set up the sales behavior has been suspected of fraud. At present, Guan county has instructed the public security bureau to actively contact with the Beijing Daxing District police, and suggested that the Daxing District public security department according to the work principle of the incidence investigation launched a criminal investigation. At the same time, Guan County Housing Authority issued an emergency notice, requiring the county to do a good job of self-examination of the real estate business, and the establishment of the steering group of the county real estate companies to conduct inspections to further regulate the real estate market. According to the relevant departments of Guan County, the project involved in the location of the ancestral home village village transformation is the transformation of the old city of Guan city project. Hebei Xiang Ma real estate development company limited in July 2014 qualification of the project development subject. The village a total of 127, covers an area of 85700 square meters. Over the past two years, with more than and 80 villagers signed a relocation compensation agreement, there are more than 40 households did not sign the demolition agreement with the villagers. Currently, the demolition work is still in the signing stage, so far no progress, and substantive housing demolition work has not yet started. Guan county official said, the signing of the Hebei Xiang Ma Real Estate Co. Ltd and Langfang TAIDING Real Estate Development Co., the transfer agreement has not been approved by the relevant government departments, the private transactions are invalid agreement. At present, Hebei Xiang Ma Real Estate Co. Ltd. is the project development main body. Langfang TAIDING Real Estate Development Company Limited established food garden sales offices in Beijing, foreign sales of alleged fraud, the majority of people do not blindly buy, have to pay subscription of the public as soon as possible to the local public security department report. It is understood that in August 17th this year,相关的主题文章: