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Guangxi national youth football tournament in Liuzhou national youth coach was established to observe the scene of Guangxi football star plans LiuZhou Railway Station match broke out source: Guangxi during the national day of the Guangxi sports super football star plans LiuZhou Railway Station match broke out, more than and 40 young people from Guangxi, Liuzhou, Nanning team, Yulin, Pingxiang, Guilin, Qinzhou, Beihai and other places in Liuzhou will be divided into U8, U10, U12 three age to start the race, the contest has been successfully held nine sessions. Guangxi football star exchange competition has become a traditional event, become the Guangxi Youth Games training and exchange platform, Guangxi football star plans to introduce the Secretary General Jia Leishi "this event aims to create more youth club, and ease the club no games played in Guangxi, many children are the star after exercise to plan the occupation Club team, we grasp the law of football development, has received very good results. Since 2011, there have been 23 small players through the star plan exercise now has to Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan, Guangzhou R & F, Shanghai Shenhua, Changchun Yatai domestic occupation club, and was sent to Portugal youth training base, Guangxi star plans to become the national football tournament on the platform. Previous events have Chinese Football Association and the national youth team coach Lee Klink wait for the scene to observe the events, and the quality of Guangxi youth praise and, in time, will provide more excellent seedling for all levels of occupation club. The tournament will be held in Liuzhou City, eight stadium, Guangxi, Beihai, Pingxiang dragon queta planet wide, Qinzhou, Yulin, Guilin ha shrimp and host Liuzhou Tianlong anitatex from Liuzhou dragon, tiger, Liuzhou, Liuzhou, Liuzhou Liu Taigu crown and so on in recent years the development of a better club are gathered in Liuzhou, these green training in the local club has had great fame, the club covers several ages of Guangxi’s best players, become the backbone of Guangxi football development, Guangxi football star plans to host the purpose and effect.相关的主题文章: