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Guangzhou master 20 years of boxing dream debut was not happy. Li Jialin lost the most in their own love of Xiong Zhaozhong as the goal. Guangzhou Daily reporter Shi Shaozong photo WBA China occupation boxing champions league opener last weekend in Shanghai sports stadium, the founder of the new China occupation boxing platform,   let the master Zhang Aixing, Li Jialin from Guangzhou at the same time to realize their dream of boxing. At the age of 19 in Shanghai boxing suffered     master feeling was "too crazy" for Zhang Aixing, his first apprentice game is actually in Shanghai Institute of physical education, this is really too dramatic, life is like a dream. In 1989, when junior high school Zhang Aixing crazy in love with boxing, almost all his spare time spent in boxing, but no guidance, completely on their own experience, "it’s really behind closed doors, I insist at home for three or four years, but the life is very full." That day for Zhang Aixing. In 1992, 19 year old Zhang Aixing pretends to parents was elected to the Jiangxi boxing team, to the Shanghai Institute of trial. He was carrying 1000 yuan, carrying a bag on the train to Shanghai. "On the train I was both excited and terrified, he dreamed of becoming a champion of the day. With this ideal after more than and 20 hours of bumps along the way to Shanghai unaccompanied, I found the Shanghai Institute of Boxing Gym, boxing team is training, I was ready to. Other team members completed the training, I found the coach timidly explained what he wanted, the coach simply asked my basic situation, then the boxing team captain Pan Feng and I exchanged a few words when I agreed to stay the night, I live in the boxing team dormitory, heart. In the next few days, I worked with the boxing team, the coach arranged for me and trained for more than a year. I remember the actual fight for 3 rounds, I have never been on the punch, the heart is very nervous. But I am very brave, completely offensive, rushed to fist fight, completely fierce melee, the momentum on each other. The opponent may have never met me such ‘wild ways’ boxer, so no play to what level. After the training, evaluation of my assistant coach is "brave is good, but it is foolhardy.". Through the actual combat, I have strengthened my faith." About more than and 20 days later, coach Zhang Lide led the game back, know the situation after Zhang Aixing, he agreed to continue to practice in the team, and the opponent and asked him to play a combat, and then decide whether to leave Zhang Aixing training. However, the second combat is not so easy to imagine Zhang Aixing, he was beaten opponents face wounds, even nosebleeds, even broken teeth. "I am aware of my failure, then the body with the money spent almost, before coming to Shanghai, I had planned, if this is not a success, and went to work in Guangdong and continue boxing. Although I agree with Zhang to practice a few weeks, but I just broke another half a month. Finally, I took the decision to the God, if I can buy tickets and go to buy on leave in相关的主题文章: