Guo Cao master Wars the traditional process of modern entertainment industry ethics experience winpm

Guo Cao master Wars: the traditional process of modern entertainment industry ethics experience [Abstract] Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin mentoring war has been opened, in addition to personal grudges, this incident also exposed the traditional master control mode in a variety of crises facing to the entertainment industry transformation in engineering machine. Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin opened the mentoring war. Visual information as a China Deyunshe comic community, the full name of the Beijing Deyunshe culture dissemination limited company, it has a name called "Beijing comic conference, the three name, showed in a twenty-first Century comic class positioning embarrassment. According to the current law, to show, billing, invoice, there must be a corporate entity, so Guo Degang had to register a company, but as a corporate charter, "Deyunshe Genealogy" does not have a shadow of modern corporate management. Guo Degang resort is a kind of moral control, in this system, they are the absolute authority, subject to their own, are "family", like Cao Yunjin is defined as "traitors", not only to break off the relationship, to recover the attack stage name, but also in the public opinion, let the "cannot be", it is difficult to to make a living. Issued a genealogy, rules, enemies, are Guo Degang’s management means. With the Genealogy "Ten Rules", the first of which is "no qishimiezu". The "Ten Rules" are all constrained disciple behavior, there is no restriction of Guo Degang himself. Deyunshe genealogy revised every three years, equivalent to every three years for a student assessment, if committed fraud crime division, like Cao Yunjin will be out of his legacy. The biggest feature is the open Deyunshe genealogy, "cleaning", so the genealogy not only become a struggle, included in the genealogy of people, but is an honor, or a real threat: "Ten Rules" become Deyunshe family law, and the interpretation is in full the hands of Guo Degang himself. If the family tree is regarded as a corporate management charter, it is the biggest problem is that all the terms are used to constrain the disciple, but did not specify the responsibility of Guo Degang himself. In order to establish the moral authority and control the discourse based management, is a typical master control mode. In the teacher’s Day approaching, the war to re-examine the traditional mentoring mentoring relationship. In the traditional society, a lot of industry heritage, are relying on private grant master. The so-called "a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, is certainly an exaggeration, any kind of skill acquisition, have to rely on long-term practice, a craft is not only a means of living, but also an occupation. The position of the master, to a certain extent, is higher than that of his father. He gives a man second lives. The mentoring relationship may be one of the most complex old social relationships, master to do selfless teach, but selfless is against humanity, leaving a few strokes Juexue become more common practice. In this case, the apprentice to master more than their own, Jiangshan lay, to innovation, and other home or, to a certain extent must betray portal". This relationship, in the master hand, have a preference for power and control, and in the apprentice party, is a typical "Oedipus complex". Chinese traditional culture is a typical old man culture:相关的主题文章: