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Henan level retired cadres hit the students motivation or revenge for social cross multiple information sources confirmed, 29 noon, the driver of the accident in Henan, Nanyang, a retired cadres of Nanyang city procuratorate is the climax of the horse. At noon on 12 o’clock in the afternoon, Henan, Nanyang province in the middle of a door, a BYD hit students caused 1 deaths 10 injuries. At present, Ma Gaochao, the culprit, is being investigated by police. In the afternoon, Nanyang City Wancheng District Education Bureau issued an emergency notice said: "the climax of the horse motive initially identified as illegal financing businesses take revenge on society." The driver of the retired prosecutor Ma climax upstream (national news broke the news hotline: 17702387875) the reporter noted that in the Baidu Post Bar "Nanyang bar", the netizen posted to the climax of the photo, and after micro-blog broke the news by the traffic police to control the dark clothes man looks consistent. At 16:15 on the same day, Dahe network in the report said, "the driver called Ma Gaochao, the level cadres, procuratorate, has been refunded."." The news reporter found a letter upstream, inscribed in time for the February 1, 2014, published April 29, 2014, entitled "request removal of procuratorate system — an evil member of the herd of horses! "Real name reporting network paste", but also because of the mention of "horse climax" keywords, in Nanyang after a BYD incident, into the search engine home page. Report net paste refers to as the Nanyang Municipal People’s Procuratorate prosecutor accused Ma climax in planning a farce, the media will mislead the illegal occupation of Nintaus jewelry company property and threaten the court events as "self Immolation" to block Nintaus jewelry corporate change and shareholders’ legal rights, to cooperate with Ma Moumou relatives to transfer Nintaus jewelry company assets. Previously, the media to "Henan jeweler reported his wife job occupation" reported the Chinese text of the encounter, refers to the third day Nintaus jewelry market value of more than billion yuan of goods are transferred overnight after China’s wife, Hua Wenhai finally understand that this is a premeditated action, and actions are directed to those who are behind Nanyang procuratorial personnel system. The education department emergency notification revealed the motive of Nanyang BYD hit students after the incident, a Nanyang City Wancheng District Bureau of education "emergency notice" circulated on the internet. Upstream news reporter noted that the announcement of the official website of the Municipal Bureau of physical education at 2:42 PM 29, has been deleted. However, the faculty responded to the fact that there had been a notice to strengthen campus security. Through the "Baidu snapshot" access to the content of the notice, in Nanyang one door, BYD hit the accident to students, was initially identified as illegal financing businesses, revenge society. At present, a criminal suspect is accused of being a fugitive. This is also the first mention of the perpetrators of Ma Gaochao’s motives. An emergency notice that fugitives still continue to do the case may, in order to ensure the students’ personal and property safety, the requirements of the school quickly enhance the security level, prevent all kinds of security incidents, put forward 4 requirements: 1, 29 PM 2:00, each school, during school at least led a school leadership, teachers in 5 classes

河南处级退休干部开车撞学生 动机或为报复社会   多个交叉信息源证实,29日中午,在河南南阳一中肇事的司机是南阳市检察院退休的正处级干部马高潮。   当日中午12时许,河南省南阳一中门口,一辆比亚迪撞向学生致1死10伤。目前,肇事者马高潮正在接受警方调查。   当日下午,南阳市宛城区教体局发布了一份紧急通知透露了马高潮的作案动机:“初步认定为非法融资商户报复社会。”   肇事司机马高潮系退休检察官   上游新闻(全国爆料热线:17702387875)记者注意到,在百度贴吧“南阳吧”里,有网友贴出马高潮的照片,与此前微博爆料中被交警控制深色衣裤男子,相貌一致。   当日16:15,大河网在报道中称,“司机叫马高潮,正处级干部,检察院的,已退。”   上游新闻记者发现,一封落款时间为2014年2月1日、发布时间为2014年4月29日、题为《请求清除检察院系统害群之马――马某某!》的实名举报网贴,也因为其中提及“马高潮”的关键词,在南阳一中比亚迪事件之后,进入搜索引擎首页。   举报网贴指,身为南阳市检察院检察官的马高潮被指参与策划了一出闹剧,误导媒体将非法侵占金正珠宝公司财产而要挟法院的事件说成“自焚”,阻挠金正珠宝公司法人变更和股东行使合法权利,以配合马某某亲属继续转移金正珠宝公司资产。   此前,媒体以《河南珠宝商举报妻子“职务侵占”》为题报道了华文海的遭遇,指金正珠宝市值逾亿元的商品被华妻连夜转移后的第三天,华文海终于明白,这是一次预谋已久的行动,而行动幕后指使者被指向南阳检察系统人员。   教育部门紧急通知透露作案动机   南阳比亚迪撞学生事件发生后,一则南阳市《宛城区教体局紧急通知》在网上流传。   上游新闻记者注意到,29日下午2:42分宛城区教体局官网发布的通知,目前已被删除。不过,教体局工作人员回应:确实发过一则加强校园安保的通知。   通过“百度快照”获取的通知内容显示,在南阳一中门口比亚迪肇事撞向学生一事,被初步认定为非法融资商户报复社会。目前,犯罪嫌疑人一名被控,一名在逃。   这也是首次提及肇事者马高潮的作案动机。   紧急通知称,在逃人员仍有继续做案可能,为确保全区在校学生人身和财产安全,要求全区学校迅速提升安全等级,防止各类安全事件发生,特提出4条要求:   1、29日下午2:00开始,各学校上学、放学期间至少有一名学校领导带队,教师分班在校门口值班,组织学生顺利到校、离校。   2、各学校门卫必须加强防范,增配人员、器械,严禁一切无关人员和车辆进入校园。   3、学校要加强与学生家长沟通联系,制定学生接送方案,确保学生上学、放学安全。   4、加强对学生安全交通教育和自我防范知识教育,增强学生自我保护意识和能力,减少学生人身伤亡事故发生,确保学生安全。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: