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.puters-and-Technology Every mobile phone has a screen, and when in use, it spends most of the time pressed up against your face. Screens also spend time being smeared with fingerprints and smudges. In this modern era of the smart phone, cleaning smudges, fingerprints, dirt, and oil is an ongoing battle. If you use the corner of a licked napkin, the bottom of your shirt, or the leg of your pant, youre doing it wrong, and you risk damaging your device. Sprays or liquids can be harmful to sensitive electronics, and abrasive fabrics can scratch delicate touch screens. The proper way to clean mobile phone screens is by using an innovative fabric called microfiber. Microfiber is a textile .prised of synthetic fibers typically made from polyesters or nylons. Higher quality microfiber, called split microfiber, is used for cleaning. It picks up and holds dust, dirt, oils, and liquids. Because microfiber is so fine ( 1/100th the diameter of a strand of human hair) it leaves no scratches on the surfaces that it touches. Most microfiber can be machine washed without losing shape or color, so its reusability is fantastic. Because of manufacturing processes, microfiber inherently has a positive charge, so like a magnet it attracts and holds dirt and dust, which are negatively charged. These properties make microfiber one of the most effective methods for cleaning hand-held device screens. Many people will use paper towels, tissues, or anything that is handy to clean their mobile devices. Paper towels tend to be abrasive and can leave scratches, while tissues shed and leave fibers behind, making your screen worse than before. Neither is the case with microfiber as it is non-scratching and no fibers are left behind. Clothing material might be handy, but can be abrasive and mostly just pushes the dirt around on the screen. A small microfiber cloth can fit in your pocket, and microfiber absorbs dirt and grime, removing it from surfaces altogether. Cotton fabric might be used to clean surfaces, but in order for them to work, sprays or liquids have to be used. Strong chemicals such as acetone can strip the plastic finish on devices, while other sprays can seep into small entrances, damaging delicate electronics. No liquids are required to clean with microfiber. Mobile phone screens, televisions, glasses lenses, .puter monitors, and cameras can all be cleaned with microfiber. There are a number of devices is limitless. Cloths can .e in pocket sizes to be able to take anywhere, or large sizes for other applications, such as television sets. Because microfiber leaves no scratches, you can wipe with any motion; in a circle, down or up, or side to side. Wipe the surface until its clean, and if your microfiber cloth has a short, silk microfiber side, use this to buff and polish the screen. It only takes seconds, but you can be rest assured that your mobile phone is safe and sound with the proper cleaning method, using microfiber. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: