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E-Books In this article, I will show you how to publish and sell an ebook on the internet and make money online. This is a quick way to start making passive in.e online with your skills or talents. If you are ambitious, you can diversify into other writing related online business opportunities such as proofreading, article writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, just to mention a few. Sincerely, this information I am about to share with you will help you to make $500 a month by writing your first ebook in a matter of days. Electronic book (ebook, for short) is a digital format of a book which you can download from a web server to your .puter or laptop. You can read it on your PC or laptop screen or simply print it out and bind it. The growing popularity in ebook publishing business is because of the convenience of instant download by the buyers. Automation has made it possible for a buyer to pay for an ebook online with his credit card and immediately be redirected to a download page to get a copy of the electronic book. The steps involved in writing and selling ebooks online are simple to implement if you get the hang of it. This is how to publish and sell an ebook online with ease. First and foremost, you must be able to identify a need, gap or want in a marketplace through your online research skills in your area of interest or passion. What you require to write a successful ebook is to provide the solutions to these wants, problems or needs which you have identified in a clear and readable language. Second, you have to create an outline which will guide you to write an ebook in the next stage of the exercise. An ebook outline is like your roadmap and it will help you to quickly write an ebook in detail without missing out important points or topics. You can even restructure and reorganize the ebook outline later to double as your table of contents. Third, write the electronic book in clear and understandable language. You have to keep your readers in mind in terms of the language you use, your writing style, vocabulary, sentence structure, and etcetera. Fourth, edit and proofread your work in order to correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and the like. You will also .pile and .pose your writing work in a PDF file. If you don"t want unauthorized copying and editing of your intellectual property, you may have to secure the digital product with the security feature available in the PDF software or writer that you are using. The last steps will be to upload the ebook to a web server, write a sales letter, create a download page and buy now order button. You should be able to connect all the dots in your first ebook and the subsequent ones. It is all about learning by doing and mastering it from there. This is how to publish and sell an ebook and make money online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: