How to quickly defrost the refrigerator Learn this a few strokes is good poper

How to quickly defrost the refrigerator? Learn how to recruit these good for some do not support automatic defrost refrigerator, regular manual manual defrost is really troublesome. Frost refrigerator, not only affect the cooling effect, and frost will occupy some space inside the refrigerator, but also increase the power consumption. So, how do we defrost the fridge? First, the natural melting of the refrigerator power unplug the refrigerator drawer and things are taken out, and clean the drawer. Can make the natural melting of the cream, wipe with a rag, and then can be restored, this method is good, but after all, time consuming. In addition to the ice shovel with the refrigerator with ice shovel, wipe the cream down, the refrigerator water dry, so the purpose is to speed up the speed of defrosting, avoid the use of force forced defrost. The plastic film is placed in a plastic film on the wall of the refrigerating chamber before being put into the frozen food, and the air conditioner in the refrigerating chamber can be pasted on the refrigerator. When defrosting, the frozen food moves rapidly into the freezer storage, as long as the plastic film tore the freezer, and will soon put the film in addition to cream, apply to shake clean, they can continue to frozen food. Vegetable oil every time to defrost a refrigerator (ice) after use the towel to dry the freezer, and then in the peripheral wall is coated with a layer of vegetable oil, until the next frost, because the refrigerator wall attached to the oil composition, suction between frost and the wall of a refrigerator is greatly reduced, so little effort, you can easy stripping caking. A hair dryer or a fan with a hair dryer or a fan blowing the ice slowly, and at the bottom of the refrigerator and auxiliary towel absorbent, through wind and frost melts very fast, so it is easier to remove.相关的主题文章: