How To Retrieve Data From Your Dead

Hardware Do you want to retrieve data from your dead laptop? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here you will find useful tips to rescue data from a faulty laptop. Hard drive data recovery is considered to be an arcane art. This not only requires sheer knowledge but also requires expensive equipment and a high level of technical skill. So, most of the .puter users find it better to get in touch with a PC repair .pany to perform this task. Lets take a look at how to perform laptop data recovery. All the latest notebooks .prise a special panel underneath from where the hard drive of the laptop could be accessed easily. To retrieve data from the dead laptop, first you need to take the hard drive of the laptop out. Once the drive is out, you need to make the disk ready to be connected to a desktop PC. For this, it is required to set the hard drives jumper to the correct setting. There are numerous pins on your hard drive. But the hard drive jumpers are a set of four pins that are entirely different from other pins. Set your desktops hard drive to Master and then set this laptop HDD to Slave. Remember, if your desktop hard drive is set to Cable Select, then you should set the laptop hard drive to Cable Select as well. Now you need to plug the IDE cable of the desktop .puter into the converter plug. Ensure that the red stripe on the IDE cable is on the same side like as the power cable. Next, you need to plug the converter into the laptop hard drive. Make sure that the power side is on the same side like as the hard drive jumpers. You should be very careful at the time performing this task as it may bend pins on both the converter as well as the laptop hard drive. Once all these cables are properly connected, you need to start the data recovery process. There are various ways to retrieve data from laptop hard drive. Based on the level of damage, you need to try them. The best solution to recover data is to boot into the operating system by using the desktop hard drive and connect the laptop hard drive as your secondary drive. If this is done, your PC will show your desktop hard drive as C:\ and the laptop hard drive as D:\. And from here you can easily copy and paste the information across. On the other hand, if the laptop hard drive is damaged then the copying may fail halfway though. So, you need to use third party software to perform the task. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: