Hundreds of reporters gathered Lippi training class arrived 50 minutes ahead of time (video)

Hundreds of reporters around Lippi training course in advance arrived 50 minutes [] in China for the first time watch belt training symbol dish personally put relaxed tengxu sports in Kunming in November 3rd (the Zhao Yu) today at four pm, Lippi with the national team for the first training session in Haigeng base. Because this is the first time in training the belt team, so the scene to nearly one hundred journalists, some reporters even ahead of Siwushiduo minutes came to the training on the sidelines waiting. Reporter onlookers foot training (Tencent sports Zhao Yu photo) for the first time to lead the Chinese national team training, which of course, is a focus of attention to the event of the event, the first time in. Many reporters arrived in Kunming one day in advance, is to give second days to the scene to interview the national team training to set aside more time. The team of staff to remind the media, the national team training in November 3rd four pm, the media from entering the north gate Haigeng base. About half past three in the afternoon, the media on the sidelines of the regional training has been overcrowded, some reporters even forty or fifty minutes earlier arrived at the training ground. The team before the start of training, training on the sidelines of the regional media in densely crowded, there are about nearly one hundred people. Some of these are local media, there are a lot of special came from the field. To so many reporters, but also to the staff feel a little surprised. To many people, but the team is only fifteen minutes before the opening of the training, so reporters also feel that there is no bright spot, basically can not see the substantive training content. Although reporters were asked to interview one or two players, but the team did not receive instructions from the coaching staff, but also can not arrange. We have to look at the players from the team staff to report the situation, as well as the arrangements for the next few days. The next few days, there will be a number of reporters came to Kunming, but the team for the next few days of training all closed, so the media arrived here will not have too much harvest.相关的主题文章: