Importance Of On Page

SEO Web site once developed must progress. Progress of a site is determined by the page rank it obtains in search engine result pages for related keywords search. In order to improve page rank it is necessary to that pages on site are visited and consist of relevant unique data. To ensure more visits and popularity of site SEO of site is done i.e. Search engine optimization. SEO is a part of internet marketing and broadly divided in to two categories. 1. on page optimization. 2. off page optimization. On page factors are the aspects taken in to account while building website. There are several things used for on page optimization, which renders helps for the search engine ranking. It involves Title Tag, rich content, Meta Tags, H1 Tags, ALT Tag, Anchor Tag, Keywords, URLs analysis etc. 1. Content of site: Content of page makes the site worthy to reach in the search results. It should be rich, informative and link able. Link-able means people should reach to that website through content. If people do not open that site all job is in vein. Content includes articles, graphics, sound, video, animation. Content plays a vital role in generating traffic toward site. 2. Meta tag: Meta tags are the data about information in site. It helps the search engine to know the information is about what. When the search engines crawls on the websites, it sees what your website is all about. This information is found in Meta Tags. 3. Title tags: Title tag is a title of website. It should relate to the theme, concept or purpose of the site. It is also significant element for on page optimization. So it should differentiate from .petitors website. 4. Headings: There are many pages in the website. Every page should be talk about the specific topic so that a particular heading can be given to that page. This heading should be given in the top of the page in H1 tag. H1 tag carries maximum weight with the search engines. 5. Page URL: URLs are the path for our website. So they should be short, memorable and with relevant keywords. 6.Anchor Text: Anchor text means linking your site with keyword rich text. This is one of the important aspects taken in to account by search engines. People not only search on the basis of website name, they frequently search on the basis of what they need. Keywords research is a vital part of online or inter. marketing. Therefore extra attention should be given to it. Lot of efforts should be taken for keyword analysis. It involves keyword relevance, density, propinquity. Link architecture like internal links, outer links, design of site, coding according to W3C standards, optimized graphics and animation matters a lot. If all these on page optimization factors are not considered and though vast efforts are done for off page optimization, all yours is in vein. Because on page optimization is like a base so should not think only about a peak. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: