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The improvement of housing needs to improve the level and quality of the villa which since 2016, the Beijing land supply is declining, according to the relevant data show that last July, Beijing has added a commercial financial services for so far, Beijing residential land starting from May has been three consecutive months to maintain zero the supply of this year, before July, Beijing supply only 9 cases with the residential nature of the land, except two cases penggai plots, only 7 homestead supply. However, compared with the Beijing land turnover this year, the housing sales remained unpopular, according to the relevant data show that Beijing City, the supply of new residential area of only 380 thousand square meters, the ratio between land supply and demand for commercial housing reached a staggering 1:12, the first half of this year, Beijing residential turnover with an average floor price of up to 19972 million square meters, an increase of 46.3%, a record high price. In China, the only child is a rapid transition to the two child era, especially in Beijing. Bring the two child policy impact not only in the medical field, a large number of two children born and the coming birth, greatly stimulated the improvement of the housing market, are re defined and subdivided and just need to improve the products, promote the further optimization of residential products and the property market pattern. The two children age, even foreign milk prices will rise, the property market impact should not be underestimated, "second child" couples who speak broken heart, gave birth to a second child, the house becomes small enough for how to do? General to improve the type of housing will become just need, the long term, "child" families to buy a house must buy large-sized apartment, the most reliable of course is a large-sized apartment, even if the child has no pressure. Xiao Bian today as "quasi child" families who recommend some improvement in residential, large-sized apartment will become the future trend of the purchase, for keep excellent value is excellent. Wait or start this is a problem over the Beijing housing in the rational comparison, small decisions to Amway several hot plate concern, whether you are holding what kind of attitude, or is self occupied or investment, think small malicious advertising or is true, small have Amway. Page second: Beichen · 1900 villa homes (real estate information) (Wang Zun Park), price to be determined, Beijing city Shunyi District Shun Hing Street No. 11 look Garden Statue, Tel: 400-819-1111 644888. Page third: COFCO · Rui Fu (real estate information), the lowest 39 million yuan, Chaoyang District Xiangjiang North Road 1500 meters north, Tel: 400-819-1111 118185. Page fourth: COFCO · auspicious clouds International Plaza (real estate information), the average price of 25 million yuan, Shunyi District B Airport Industrial Park on the north side of Anxiang street, Tel: 400-819-1111 610637. Fifth page: view of the villa (real estate information), a minimum of $25 million sets, Shunyi District, Korea camp in the town of Zhuang village, Tel: 400-819-1111 to 638888. Page sixth: Hengda Palace (real estate information), the lowest 70 million yuan, the airport expressway and Jingshunlu between Tianzhu plate, Tel: 40相关的主题文章: