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Self-Improvement Improving your reading to get great exam results is really a lot easier than you know. You will see huge success by following some simple steps that will instill the right approach towards your exams. Remembering that reading is critically crucial to exam success, let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can improve your chances of improving your reading overall, so you walk out of your next exam with the grade you want. As a priority you should always scan the pages before you read them. When you relate this to exam texts it makes a lot of sense because usually there is a lot of stuff in their that is not required for you to understand the topic. For example, make sure you look at the table of contents before you dive straight into it. This can cut a lot of wasted reading time which means more time for reading the important stuff. The more you are reading the important texts the better. Make certain that you develop an understanding of focus when reading texts so that better exam results are achieved from improving your reading. This means approach the text you have to read with a clear understanding of what it is you are reading for. What is it that you are looking for in the text? What is the question that you will have to be answering in the exam? These aspects are important, and require you to develop a clear focus. Better grades are a direct cosequence from your improvement of redaing academic texts. Improving Your Reading Using Questions On the matter of questions, a lot of people who have to churn through academic texts for tests find that writing questions about the texts they are reading is an absolutely effective method of improving understanding. What this means is that you jot down questions as you read, that are about the actual text that you’re reading. This enables you to both understand the text and also improve your reading skills to a higher degree. It is worthwhile constructing questions up as you read the texts you are tasked with studying, so that you develop a real awareness of what you are reading. The added bonus is that you really boost your reading power. Improving your reading is not impossible, even if you are aiming for better exam grades. You just need to make sure you read a lot and you make it interactive with plenty of questions. Massive benefit can be yours if you do it this way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: