In return to campus at retirement Jinshao train for Chinese football

In return to campus at retirement Jinshao train referee Tan Hai Legal Evening News (reporter for Chinese football       Zhang Ao) 2016 Super League season ended last week, with the league together Huashangjuhao, there are several famous posts in the occupation League law enforcement career, including from beitida Jinshao Tan the sea. Because of the high requirements of the brain and physical fitness, professional league referee requires retirement at age 45. The teacher returned to the post Beijing, Tan Hai hopes to develop more beyond good judge of his own, do something for China football. Was   Lippi Shudamuzhi;   pressure is often accompanied by misunderstanding large football field on the bench by Tan Haiyi, change the serious expression on the field, talk to rise when the hearty laughter. 70 after Tan Hai in the workplace, middle-aged bodied strong, but as the occupation League referee, laotan said he has "Lai" for a year, "FIFA revised the constitution, I belong to a one-year delay retirement, such a situation in the world this year, a total of seven." From 2001 blowing a A count, Tan Hai played 16 years in the top league, if the count before a B and some U series (Youth) game, the time is longer." Memories of a long "occupation career", a lot of games that Tan Hai still visible before the eyes. Lippi coached the rival in the first season of second games, in a fierce competition and Luneng 1 to 1 draw. "After the game Lippi initiative and I shook hands, and gave me a thumbs up, I think this is my worth of work recognition, but also reflects the world famous  ." Tan Hai said. Coach Lippi for the country, Tan Hai said: I think he can be invited to bring (national foot) is very positive, very positive. His experience, level are placed in the. For the current China football, both players, referee or coach, should do something." 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015, Tan Haisi won the honor League jinshao. "This is the industry and the greatest recognition of the work of my fans, I have been honored." Tan Hai said. However, a long career in law enforcement, leaving him not only honor, pressure, misunderstanding is often accompanied by him. "A penalty may change the game, or even directly affect the results of the game." Tan Hai said, do not look at us is the final judge, a lot of punishment is to take courage. The more you blow this industry, the more prone to deviation. We can’t go straight to the video. The referee is also a moment, things that vanishes in a flash cannot be guaranteed completely accurate." Controversial penalty help growth     need a whistle and luck in June 11th this year, Tan Hai as the main referee Suning and Hong Kong game, eventually because of one controversial penalty, the referee group in Hong Kong after the encounter fans questioned. I went back after the reflection, watching videos, and discussions with peers. Every dispute is an opportunity for the referee to improve their business level." Tan Hai said, the fans call response相关的主题文章: