India, South Africa, rich and powerful family involved in corruption and political media approved it-foldercure

South African American India giants involved in corruption in politics media awarded its "Colonial South Africa" – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in South Africa Wang Yuran Global Times special correspondent Liu Haoran] with South Africa’s anti-corruption protests intensified, the country’s High Court 2 released a 355 page report, the country’s top government lists a large number of corruption events. Which involves the family with South African President Jacob Zuma businessman Gupta family had improper relationship, and the latter is politics too. With a series of scandals have exposure, let the India American giants in South Africa as "hatred, people cry, Africa South Africa’s first national bank, Barclays Bank and KPMG financial and accounting institutions and from the Gupta family. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) from the end of 2, the Gupta family is an American family business in India in South Africa, as a key member of maharaja and a brother, another member of the Toni Gupta as a nephew?. In the early 90s of the last century, with the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, the white out of the political arena, the commercial sense of smell Gupta family aware of the country may become a land of opportunity for the new world". They emigrated to South Africa, founded the family business Sahara computer and systems, mainly to sell computers and accessories. With the help of South Africa’s "Feng Shui", the Gupta family will develop rapidly, business tentacles extended to mining, shipping, energy and the media in many areas, and gradually build up a huge business empire has more than 1 employees. BBC said the Gupta family seems to deliberately conceal the foreign wealth, the family how much net assets are not known to the outside world, the family never boarded any media published the "rich list". It is reported that the family mansion in Johannesburg consists of 4 magnificent buildings, the buildings including helipad, members of the family daily diet consists of 5 private chefs cooking, the family travel a large number of bodyguards Qianhuhouyong, on weddings and even police escort to clear the way, very. 2013, a family full of friends and relatives of Gupta’s charter illegal occupation of South Africa Military airports, causing great controversy in South Africa’s political circles. South Africa’s "Sunday times" said, in order to facilitate the trip, the family members have even apply to the authorities for a diplomatic passport, and this is the family of the government’s "one of the many demands". South African media quoted a member of the Gupta family a words revealed that the Gupta family to help achieve the magnificent turn, is more than and 10 years ago the Group annual meeting meet "noble", the country was still Zuma, vice president, and the Gupta family began to intertwine with the South African high. A wife Bunge Zuma? En Gaema? Zuma had worked in Gupta’s mineral company, responsible for public affairs; Zuma’s daughter and son Doudou zieler in Du Du were also in the Gupta family as enterprise executives. By the end of 2015, a week or even Zuma inscribed the Minister of finance initiatives cited concern. The South African opposition party of economic freedom fighters Party spokesman criticised ministers, the reason after another was dismissed, because there is no command to listen to Mr Zuma, his relatives and friends in the state-owned enterprises and government contracts.相关的主题文章: