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Legal The Parrish Law Firm- Defending Personal Injury and Automobile Accident Cases in Fairfax, Prince William, and Fauquier Counties in Virginia. CAUGHT IN THE ACT During the course of Attorney James Parrish’s representation young, professional lady, who was injured in a slip and fall incident in a commercial building in Fairfax, VA, Mr. Parrish discovered that the insurance company defending the building owner had submitted falsified and blatantly untrue photographs as part of its denial of Mr. Parrish’s client’s claim. In this case, the client was returning to her office building after eating lunch off the premises. The weather outside was very messy and included snow, ice and rain. As the client entered the building, which had marble floors, she slipped on a pool of water that had collected in the middle of the foyer. She then fell forward, twisted her back and fell into the wall. During this fall, she ruptured a disc in her lower back and ultimately required neurosurgery to treat her injury. As would be expected, she missed a great deal of time from work and faced the unpleasant prospect of tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. When she submitted her claim to the insurance company for the building owner, it was denied and the insurance company told her that it was her fault that she fell. After receiving this denial, she turned to Attorney James Parrish to prosecute her case. As the lawsuit against the property owner and management company progressed, the insurance company defending these entities produced pictures of what it claimed to represent the condition of the lobby at the time Mr. Parrish’s client fell. These pictures included “warning” signs and long rugs for folks entering the building. Mr. Parrish’s client and an independent witness denied that any such signs or rugs were present that day. Obviously, this discrepancy in the version of the state of the lobby was troublesome for Mr. Parrish’s client as the photographs, if believed by a jury, demonstrated that the building owner and manager had taken the steps necessary to alert people entering the lobby that the floors were wet and possibly slippery. This could have been deadly to the case. However, after a great deal of investigation, including review of the records of the National Weather Service, Mr. Parrish discovered that the time stamps on the photographs had to be false! The National Weather records clearly demonstrated that there was full cloud cover with precipitation falling at the time the pictures were taken (which supported Mr. Parrish’s client’s version of events); however the photographs showed sunlight beaming through the lobby windows and reflecting off the marble floors! Mr. Parrish presented proof of the falsity of the photographs to the mediator in the case and the insurance company promptly settled the case for a sum of money well into the six-figure range. This is just another example of the lengths to which the insurance industry will go to deny and avoid payment of valid personal injury claims. In light of the prospect of facing these kinds of antics, injured people need the skill and experience, which Mr. Parrish brings to the table. Don’t be another victim-retain the Parrish Law Firm for your case. About the Author: James Parrish is a former insurance defense lawyer who now represents those in Fairfax, Prince William, and Fauquier Counties in Virginia who have suffered personal injuries and injuries from automobile accidents against the insurance industry. He uses the "Inside Information" he obtained while defending insurance companies to the advantage of his clients and has recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for them. His latest book "The Virginia Car Accdident Guide" is available at Article Published On: – Legal 相关的主题文章: