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Software Threats encountered on the Internet can be summarized in just one word: content. Inapt content poses the biggest problems as .pared to any other internet threats. Fringe or adult sites might introduce spyware or viruses and even be a liability legally. But thats not enough: other, apparently innocent, websites can be equally dangerous for your PC. Websites with streaming audio or video might devour the bandwidth; entertainment, shopping or sports websites can hinder productivity. Therefore, it is very important to have a quality internet monitoring program to protect your business. Internet Content Filtering: How can it be applied? The internet is full of objectionable content and garbage. Internet Content Filtering is designed to control what content is allowed to a reader. The restrictions are applied at many levels: it can be applied by an employer to his employees, by an ISP to its clients, by a library to the visitors, by a school to the students, by an individual user to his/her .puter or by parents to their child’s .puter. Internet Activity Monitoring: What is it and why is it important? Most of the employees will be hard pressed to refute their use of the Internet in work hours for non-work related purposes. Sites like eBay, YouTube and Facebook are often so alluring that its difficult to keep away from them. Though not everyone in offices has access to the internet, studies have shown that those who do have access use non-work related sites at least for some time during their working hours. Wouldnt you feel bad if your employee was misusing the internet facility given to him? In order to take care of this situation, a large number of employers are using the Internet Monitoring Program softwares to monitor their employees internet usage at work. Nowadays, it is possible for employers to .pletely monitor the inter. usage of their employees down to the keystroke. There are many good softwares available in the market which can help in inter. usage monitoring and thereby help you protect your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: