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Japan Weekly – sun Xingmin 2 shot 1 British team was to sun shine Okazaki 2 shot 1 Xingmin Phoenix sports news on the weekend, five leagues in Europe continuing to fight. Although the performance in the 12 season opener and China team is not very good, but return to the club after the sun Xingmin play stunning, the Spurs in the 4-0 victory over Storck City, South Korea International staged 2 shot 1 pass only made 3 ball. Although the sun Xingmin selected South Korean team for the 12 round of the first stage of the competition of the list, but he only participated in and China team, then he returned to the UK for the league, this is enough to prove that Tottenham on Sun Xingmin’s fancy. With only 1 games, Sun Xingmin’s fitness has been restored, which has laid the foundation for his excellent performance in the league. Tottenham in the 4-0 win over Storck in the game, sun Xingmin staged 2 shot 1 pass play, stunning performance. The game is forty-first minutes, Erickson pass, sun Xingmin road closed area road left foot shot to get the ball into the goal, 0-1. Fifty-sixth minutes, Erickson sent assists, sun Xingmin restricted area on the left side of his right foot tuishe procurable to expand the score, 0-2. Seventieth minutes, Sun Xingmin sent pass, close to the front door of the left foot of the shooting score, 0-4. Tottenham’s big score to win the championship after rose to fourth, the city of Storck to the bottom. South Korean players: Sun Xingmin (Tottenham): Tottenham 4-0 Storck City, the first 90 minutes, staged 2 shot 1 pass; Li Qinglong (Crystal Palace): Crystal Palace 2-1 Middlesbrough, 13 minutes off the bench; with Zizhe (Augsburg): Augsburg 2-1 SV Werder Bremen, issued the first 78 minutes; Ji Dong won (Augsburg): Augsburg 2-1 SV Werder Bremen Park, 45 minutes off the bench; Zhu Hao (Dortmund): Dortmund 0-1 Leipzig, did not appear; ki sung Yong (Swansea): Chelsea 2-2 of Swansea, starting in 90 minutes; Jin Zhenzhu (Hoffenheim): Hoffenheim 4-4 Mainz, did not appear. List of Japanese players: Honda Keisuke (AC Milan): AC Milan 0-1 Udine J, came off the bench for 12 minutes; Hatomo Yuto (Milan International): Milan international 2-1 Pescara, did not appear; Okazaki Shinji (Leicester city): Leicester 1-4 Liverpool, starting 45 minutes; Yoshida Maya (Southampton): Southampton 1-2 Arsenal, not played the original export vitality; (Berlin Herta) Berlin: Herta 2-0 of Ingolstadt, starting in 90 minutes; Kagawa Shinji (Dortmund): Dortmund 2-2 Cologne, starting 58 minutes; Sakai high DS (Hamburg): Leverkusen 3-1 Hamburg, starting in 90 minutes; Uchida Atsuhito (Schalke 04): Bayern 2-0 Schalke 04, did not appear; Wuteng Yoshiki (Mainz): Hoffenheim 4-4 Mainz, did not appear; Hasebe Makoto (Frankfurt): Frankfurt 0- 1 Darmstadt, starting 90 minutes; ohazama Yong (Ke Long): Ke Long 0-0 of Wolfsburg, starting 67 minutes; dry person (Ewald): Ewald 2-1 Granada, did not appear. (fertilizer:)相关的主题文章: